Where is Mount Palmerston?

The Blind Bruiser gave me a the crate of souls and I’ve been looking around up and down the coast and venturing out a bit. Even still, I have no idea where it is. Can anyone point the way?

NE. From your description of current map-knowledge: head north along coast to Whither, turn right, keep going :-).

Head north along the coast from Fallen London and continue north to Whither from Venderbight. From Whither go east, past Codex and Chapel of Lights.

It’s quite a long way East from Wither, you’ll pass the Chapel of Lights on the way, keep going East. Watch out for Mt Nomad, it will eat your ship. (There are also a lot of Faustic Corsairs up that way, but at the moment those are just placeholders that you can safely flee from. Obviously that won’t always be the case.)

Don’t forget to stock up on fuel while you’re in Palmerston, it’s only 9 echoes a barrel there, it adds up.
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If you have one of the three zee-gods’ attention, too, Mt Palmerston’s a good place to explore - there’s a chance you’ll receive their blessing.

Alright, found it. Thanks everybody :)

By the way - the music around Mt Palmerston; amazing, right?

Yea, but I actually like the music around the Abbey better. Gives me the chills.

Quite. :cool:

Once you have your map in place and you’re heading to Mt Palmerston, I reduce my terror accumulation by heading up to the ice edge of the map once i leave the Chapel of lights, stick to the edges of the ice while heading east (picking up the extra port report from Avid Horizon) then popping south to Mt Palmerston using a light bouy near by. I find I can make it from CoL to MtP with only 1 or 2 terror point gains. Going straight east gives me 5-8.

Every little bit of terror avoidance adds up!

PS: If your going into the Avid Horizon, make sure that super crab &quotMt ?&quot isnt on your tail, or he can bottleneck you inside. Lost a captain that way…

There are many paths to Mt Palmerson, if you have the fuel and want minimal terror gain from wandering the dark and open sea…

  1. From Fallen London head North along the coast towards Venderbight, at Carissa’s Point head east past The Horneman’s Stag to the Southern tip of Tanak-Chook.
  2. Head North along the eastern side of Tanak-Chook, and head east from the northern tip of the temple island. Island Hop east past Moody’s Light, until you reach the Iron & Misery Funging Station on Demeaux Island. be warned these be the spawning grounds for low level pirates.
  3. From the northeast corner of Demeaux Island head Northeast to the Bonny Reefs (at full speed you may get 1 terror)
  4. From the eastern most point of The Bonny Reefs run southeast to Bidmean Reefs from the Most eastern point of Bidmean Reefs head northeast to Dow’s Ait.
  5. There are two unnamed island east of Dow’s Ait. From the Northern most tip of the first island head North by Northeast into the dark towards a Light buoy, From the Light buoy head North by Northwest to Mt Palmerson. You may catch a terror here and Beware of the Faustian Corsairs

I thought the map was a bit randomized or is that not yet implemented?
According to this:
The map I have doesn’t look like this one.
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Wow - I hadn’t see that before but if you look at the date it was a very early mock-up. I am looking forward to the map randomisation which I think is due in the next major content update.

This isn’t specific to Mount Palmerston. The same event can occur at Gaider’s Mourn as well.

Whoever their composer is would have a bright future in combat music for other games. I only wish the song developed a little bit more (or they’d release the soundtrack so I could loop it for hours until I’m sick of it :P)
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