Where for art thou Slowcake?

A friend of mine now has oodles of making waves and is ready to become a notable citizen of the neath! However she is not having much luck drawing the attention of Mr.Slowcake. Now I have read it is possible to transfer a point of notability to someone else using the opportunity card, however when I summoned him I saw no such option.

Any advice for my poor friend? She has a day or so before her making waves gets butchered by that healer time.

I’m afraid that option was removed due to problems with the app.

and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The clouds darkened as the masses sombre hymns of woe rose gloomily to the uncaring skies.

Next time I see Slowcake I am going to poison his tea and crumpets, unless of course he shows up in time like a good gentleman should.

Thanks for the response and blessings upon your weasels.

Don’t forget that you can force-draw the Slowcake card from “Attend to Matters of Society” in your lodgings - assuming you have enough Making Waves to qualify for the next level of notability.

Also don’t forget you need one level of notability in the first place to draw it.

I get the Slowcake’s card quite often, actually. This week I seem to get it again within 6-12 hours after discarding a copy.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth is a fairly normal occurence, when it comes to the old little creep. He’s adept at being scarce just when you need him. I’m sure he is in cahoots with that RNG thing.

Wherefore art thou Slowcake is actually a pretty deep, pretty good question. Why did the devils create Slowcake?

Notable people means notable souls! Keeping track of the most noteworthy Londoners is useful to both the devils and the Bazaar.

Indeed. I thought I heard my old English Lit teacher turning in her grave when I read the subject line. ;)

Well turns out after horrendous amounts of card turning my friend got Slowcake’s amanusensis to turn up with just a few hours to spare, so she is finally a notable citizen in the neath! Huzzah! Still going to poison his crumpets though.

But do you know why, now?

I checked and it was less than hour before the card time the healer came along and killed everything in sight with wild abandon (read making waves), so consider that lucky, or possibly unlucky in how long it took for that rat-faced rogue to appear. As for the question why, well it can be read in many different ways. One answer could be that that she wanted to get a better profession. Another way of looking at it is that the amanusensis is evil and leaves you hanging until the last moment because he likes the panic. Poison. Crumpets.