Where does one go for lore?

Something I have noticed on this forum is everyone knows so much about the lore. So much knowledge! But how do I come to find this lore in the game? In particular where do I go for information about the Judgements? I sort of get how they work but I’d rather find out in FL rather then just use the wiki.

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer myself, but to help clarify the question for others who might:
Are you looking to find out where in-game you should go (and/or which stories to do) to find Judgement-related lore? :-)

(Honestly, I’d like to know that sort of thing myself - learning more about the Judgements, and specifically the Great Chain, is of interest to me.)
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Really you just find out more through major story lines in the game. You cant miss them as long as you keep playing. I don’t know a specific answer either but I do know that I have picked up a lot myself just by playing. Ambitions are a good place to start, so that’s my recommendation.

This is a pretty good resource, exclusively for lore:
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The problem is at the moment I think I’m at the content barrier. All I’m doing now is finished off Light Fingers and grinding for various things. And to be honest most of the major storylines didn’t help much with the lore. I enjoyed Mahogany Hall but am no closer to finding out who or what the fisherkings are. Same goes for most other main stories.
What about fate-locked stories? Can anyone hint as to any lore in them?

A lot of Judgement lore comes from:

  1. Destinies: available seasonally, but you can only ever see one of them per character unless you shell out a bunch of fate to reset yours. The advantage of being on the forums is people will talk about their destiny so you can get the full picture without having to change your own destiny like that. You learn about the bazaar, the sun, liberation of night, the great chain, lorn flukes, and more.
  2. Sunless Sea: there’s a fair amount of judgement lore spread around in sunless sea. There you learn about judgement eggs, Salt, Storm, Stone, mirrorcatch boxes, sunlight, the dawn machine, the great chain, and a lot more.
  3. Forgotten quarter expeditions: you can learn about the judgements and their relationship with parabola from certain rewards on expeditions.
  4. Various exceptional stories like lost in reflections, cut with moonlight, and Flint are related to the subject.
  5. The Seventh Letter: a play you see with a certain tattooist during the feast of the exceptional rose gives more backstory on the bazaar and the sun.
  6. Knife and candle orders: some of the higher order medals you can win playing knife and candle give you seventh letter play text, as well as their own unique stories related to the subject.
  7. Miscellaneous: like was said above, little hints and tips are dropped all throughout the game and especially in major story-line. You’ll run across a bunch of cryptic reference just through normal play of the game.

Edit: the port Cecil quest-line in sunless sea is particularly focused on the great chain lore if that is specifically of interest.The merchant venturer’s quest is also somewhat relevant for judgements, but not necessarily the great chain. Rubberymen, devils, and Pentecost apes all have stuff to say about the chain as well.
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Thankyou! ^_^