Where do you spend your free time?

In the course of neathly business, many of us find ourselves being dragged all over the city, and beyond, in pursuit of our various plots and opportunities. In the lulls between schemes, when the daily intrigue relaxes to merely maddening intensity, where do you spend your time? Do you return to your lodgings, flipping cards in the safety of your home? Is there a haunt you’ve adopted, a place whose opportunities have gradually grown into the comforts of familiar streets? Or do you simply find yourself spread too thin, always dallying at the site of the last plot or rushing on to the next?

Roofs. The taller, darker, and less accessible the better. Sometimes I conduct business up there, or check in with the urchin gang I’m most partial to, or simply perch myself on a crumbling cornice and watch the city go by below.

The Zee-wet boroughs of the South and East shall forever linger close to my heart of hearts. I have become something of an amateur mycologist, of late, and am well pleased when my endeavors permit me to &quotstop and smell the mildew&quot!

(What? Blemmi… no, no, why does everyone… I am agog at the positively abysmal knowledge in the public imagination of how Exceptionally Diverse Our New Ecology can be. Truly, there are a plethora of fascinating fungi in the Neath, my friend, and to think that a single strain of upstart fungi from overseas have captured the popular imagination so! Why, I remember the first time I…)

I stay in bed and sleep. Sometimes I take higher risks to get wounded, just so I can nap in London beneath, instead of doing anything reasonable like resting in my actual bed. I also remember with such fondness those days of lazing around in the university, back when I was still welcome, enjoying the pace of academic life without doing any work…[li]

Spite. I understand its denizens and they seem to understand me. It’s always nice to be given little gifts.

I sit in my Orphanage and have urchins fetch any wounded acquaintances I have so the children can gain some work experience by caring for people.

Oddly, the recent batches of patients are mostly composed of bearded gentlemen getting into riots and duels at the docks. With a few ladies like PHRYNE AMARANTHINE THE FUTURE QUEEN OF PARABOLA (your name is fun to type!!!) and the ENIGMATIC ADVENTURESS (good thing you are not, like, delightful) mixed in.
edited by Estelle Knoht on 4/26/2015

I wander the empty streets of the Forgotten Quarter, searching for secrets and nightmares and the remains of the foolish adventurers who preceded me. It’s quiet there, except for the occasional band of devils and a few other mad wanderers, and there’s no one to arrest me if I make something spontaneously combust.

Grinding opportunity cards in the bazaar side streets, in pursuit of a singular destiny.

I am spending a lot of time at Zee recently. I find the crash of the waves relaxing, and the destinations are usually interesting.

When Sir Frederick’s not at home in his suite in the Royal Beth, he’ll generally be in Veilgarden, dealing with his publishers or spending time with his friends among the local artists, scruffs and weirdos.

Hubris can often be found in the area around Watchmaker’s, engaging in outdoors pursuits - hunting, boxing, or simply hobnobbing with some of the local heavies.

Esther’s political and social interests take her all about the city, but it’s not entirely uncommon to see her around Ladybone’s, attending reform meetings or debating the rights of labour in fashionable coffeehouses.

Finally, Juniper’s usual haunt is Spite, where she’ll be attending to business interests, catching up with urchin acquaintances, or simply observing the world from the shadows.

When i’m not sure what to do, i visit the forgotten quarter’s outskirts, in hopes of finding eyeless skulls, secrets for my future bazaar home, and building up my watchfulness

When i’m not sure what to do, i visit the forgotten quarter’s outskirts, in hopes of finding eyeless skulls, secrets for my future bazaar home, and building up my watchfulness

In the Flit. With a white-glim telescope. Collecting notes on how people below spend their free time.

I spend most of my time lately in the Flit and in Spite pursuing, shall we say, ambiguous interests. And visiting Miss Knocht, of course - a very magnanimous lady. I also seem to end up playing quite a lot of chess.

(haha. In fact, during last Feast of the Exceptional Rose, I did adopt a Pentecost Ape. I’m sure it’ll end well.)