Where do they spawn?

Hello, skyfarers.

Where do the b_ _ _ _ y sky-mobs usually spawn? I want to farm them - quests won’t give any significant rewards, so a bit of ambush-grinding is due, but I often can’t find any!


And when I do find some - sometimes I can’t loot. Unpleasant. On the bright side - sometimes I can! I haven’t figured out what does it depend on yet.

I have heard a rumor that hitting escape with your charts open (a natural reflex for Sunless Sea folks) will disable hot-keys, like the “R” for looting.

No idea if it’s true though, I haven’t been home yet to test.

Interesting. Thanks for the, eh, Salon-Stewed Gossip. I’ll test that.

you can find tackety scouts around new winchester, i’m hunting them for the chairman in port prosper.
I’ve yet to find any consistent spawn point for the pink squid things, they just appear randomly - and rarely, wherever they like. Harvest em for supplies though

@absimiliard it is true, read the “known bugs” part of the blog for a full list so you can spare yourself the trouble of submitting a bug report for something that is known by the devs. have fun!

I’ve repeatedly encountered Cantankeri in the spaces between New Winchester and Magdalene’s in two separate games.

Thank you for sharing your hunting experience, captains.

My personal observations for now:

  • Tacketies - New Winchester;
  • Pink Abominations - Hodge’s Crucible seems to attract them, but that may be a coincidence (it’s on the route between NW and Magdalene’s this time, so probably Anchovies is right);
  • Parchment Horrors - Nature Reserve and the Circus;
  • Pirates - New Winchester.

All in all NW orbit looks like the most populated hunting ground at this moment. But still the mobs are few and far between. No steady farming on them yet.

[color=#6666ff]Loving the new names!

I’m hearing that most of you feel beasties are a little rare in the Reach.

@Happy Londoner the loot issue should be fixed in the patch that went out on Wednesday.[/color]
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I can confirm that chorister swarms can now bee looted. The elusive scrive-spinsters (still haven’t seen one) are no longer necessary for the circus quest, which instead calls for cantakeri legs. They have legs, apparently. Of course, this change in requirement is accompanied by a total absence of cantakeri spawns. Just my luck.

Also, NPCs of different sorts will attack each other! Yesterday I saw a chorister swarm fighting a marauder locomotive.

I’ve had the circus quest demand cantankeri legs and chorister bee wings before. I think there’s an RNG element.