Where do I ply my trade as a spirifer?

I advanced in A Trade in Souls to the point where I am now a full fledged spirifer, with contacts in hell for selling my ‘reclaimed’ souls. However, I have no idea where I can find any vict, err… uh… ‘volunteers’, to ply my trade with. Anyone have any hints for a beleaguered businessman?

Are you PoSI yet? The cool and popular way is to steal souls from other spirifers in the Unfinished Business in Spite.


No, the people of Fallen London have yet to recognize my awesomeness and brilliance. As such, opportunities like that remain out of my grasp. Is there anywhere more easily accessed that I can ‘find’ some souls that seem to have been carelessly misplaced?

There’s an option on the Royal Bethlehem card, but it’s a pretty difficult challenge. If you do try that I recommend the Second Chance trick, where you use a Second Chance and Perhaps Not if you don’t immediately succeed. You’ll use up the action and the Second Chance item, but the card will remain.

As for storylet sources…well, there’s always that Spirifer in Ladybones Road. If you have access to the Forgotten Quarter you could try your luck at finding Thieves’ Caches, which occasionally give you souls. You could also steal from the Brass Embassy by building up Casing in the Flit, but that’s against the spirit of things.

Now if you’re looking for an option unlocked with your fork that is both easier and more available than the Royal Bethlehem card there is this option on the first cycle of the University.