Where did SidebarAbility go?

So I started working on my project last night, and it was going great. Then, in playtest, I noticed that none of my SidebarAbilities were working right. Why? Because they are all Accomplishments now. And apparently SidebarAbility is no longer an option that can be chosen. Not only on my primary world, but on the test world I created as well.

Is this a known bug? Is this going to be fixed? Is there something I have to do to fix it?

Hopefully enough people still frequent this community to answer.

[color=#009900]Nope, this is unexpected! Drop us a line at support@failbettergames.com with all your details, and we’ll take a look.[/color][li]

I just realized that I have the same issue in my own world : santharia.

The option to select SidebarAbility for a given quality has disappeared :(