Where can I level Watchful at 57?

The most difficult Watchful challenge in Ladybones Road that I can access is “Track down a Spirifer” and it’s low-risk for me. Is there anywhere I can go for more difficult challenges right now, or do I just have to grind that one until something else opens up?

You’ll want to head to the Forgotten Quarter, which you can unlock from your Lodgings.

The content at the Forgotten Quarter begins at 60, if I’m not mistaken.
You could also either get more watchful-increasing gear or decreasing gear to allow passage straight away/increase difficulty and thus cps earned from trying the spirifer one.

Edit: It seems my alt’s first option is at Watchful 61, so you’ll want that instead
edited by Aximillio on 5/26/2012

Either use some gear, or just go to the forgotten quarter and search for curios a lot.