Where can I learn about the bishop of St. Fiacre?

I haven’t encountered this fellow much in the game, other than as a minor character in other stories. Is there a story to learn more about the sordid dealings of him and his church?

He features in the Heart’s Desire Ambition and in the “Flint” and “Discernment” Exceptional Stories… if those are the ones you already know about, I can’t think of any others.

Heart’s desire ambition gives info about some characters, including the bishop of St. Fiacre, since it’s probably not your ambition you can always make an alt to both see other ambitions and see some early game content that you may have forgotten.

Ah thanks. I haven’t played those ES yet, and I’ve been following the light fingers ambition.

And the Dilmun Club, of course. Assuming you didn’t pick that detestable detective or his loud lordship.

Of the exceptional stories, Flint seemed to be the revelatory to me, but Discernment had a nice small insight into his character.