Where can I get prisoner's honey?

I’m at 49 persuasive and the honey den-related opportunities aren’t available anymore. Is there anywhere I can grind to get lots of honey?

Don a ridiculous hat and bring some bottled oblivion and a talkative rat with you- it should only set you back about two echoes for the set and you should be able to decrease your stats enough to get at those storylets again

I’d grind up those stats first before I would be worried about grinding up honey. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road to get more honey for your actions.
I’m presuming you’re wanting to do this because of the Nemesis Ambition. If this is the case don’t be in a rush. The Red Honey content is not only pretty cool, it’s a great place to grab some Fate so don’t feel any need to rush through it.

Actually, I’m trying to get enough for a key to the Royal Bethlehem. But it sounds like I’m probably quite a ways away from being able to get one of those, so I guess I’ll keep leveling.

Whoa, 49 is definitely pretty early to start worrying about the 4th-level residences! Just keep your eyes open as you play through the game, don’t sell any of it, and focus opportunities on Honey when you can. You’ll get it eventually, but not particularly soon, I would guess. The amount required is a lot.

Oh sweet Jebus do you NOT need to be grinding for items at level 49!

Firstly, the amount of Echoes per action you would be getting at that level is paltry compared to what you will be getting later on so it’s really not worth it.
Secondly, if you are intent on grinding you should be grinding stats, not items. Find challenges in the upper register of “challenging” to get those 3cp per action and find yourself a reliable way to decrease those menaces.
Thirdly, the best way to grind honey is after you are a Person of Some Importance which occurs after all your stats are at about 100.
Fourthly, spending honey to buy a Permanent Reservation at the Royal Beth is inefficient. The only reliable way of grinding honey gives you about 50 per action meaning about 800 actions, which is anywhere between a week to two weeks of pure grind, to get the thing. However, once you have a Gang of Hoodlums(something you’ll want anyway after achieving PoSI) and access to the Flit you should be able to get the requisite number of Antique Mysteries for a reservation for, in the ballpark of 500 actions.

Grinding for stuff at lower levels makes the game seem like a tedious chore you will soon grow tired of. It is not. the game has all sorts of brilliant stories and outstanding text which you should be far more excited to explore than one more measly card slot. Give it time and you’ll get there. Don’t concern yourself with the grind just yet.

It is not recommended for you to start grinding before you become A Person of Some Importance, as that storyline eventually unlock a variety of options to let you get any goods you need in a efficient way.

Right now, any storylets that gives honey are going to just give you like 20 honey at most. Once you become a PoSI, you can get them at 50 drops per action with a rare success that also give you an additional Stolen Kiss.

Furthermore, I recommend you to actually save the grind for later - after you become PoSI, you can grind in Spite for 11 Relic of the Third City per action to convert them to Antique Mysteries which can let you buy the room for a lower price with extra reward.

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]
However, once you have a Gang of Hoodlums(something you’ll want anyway after achieving PoSI) and access to the Flit you should be able to get the requisite number of Antique Mysteries for a reservation for, in the ballpark of 500 actions.[/quote]

Is this the most efficient way to get a 4-card residence? I thought the most efficient for all 3 was to grind items at Hunter’s Keep and convert up.

Let’s find out…

For the sake of this exercise we are going to discount the actions needed to get to and from Hunter’s Keep. Heck, I’ll be generous and give you the first pass through the island on the house as well. We will be attempting to gain the 50 Bazaar Permits needed to obtain a Premises at the Bazaar.

To do this in Spite we will need 1655cp worth of Casing(55 to get to Casing 10. A Permit is obtained at a cost of 32 cp. 50*32+55=1655) With a Gang of Hoodlums one gets 18cp per 5 actions, or 3.6cp per action. This means it will take 460 action to garner the nessecary cp(1655/3.6=460 when rounded up) and 50 actions to turn that cp into Permits. A last action to buy the blasted thing and one has spent 511 actions to obtain a Permanent Residence at the Bazaar.

To do this on On Hunter’s Keep we will need 1250 Visions of the Surface to convert to 250 Touching Love stories to convert to 50 Bazaar Permits. Each round through the island takes 27 actions(49cp worth of Time Passing at 2 cp per action from 3 to 10 plus two actions to pick a sister and hear her story.) 25 of these actions give you 50 Visions of the Surface and 1 Extraordinary Implication per pass. That should take you 25 passes or 673 actions(27x25-2) to get 1250 Visions of the Surface with 24 Extraordinary Implications left over.
Converting those Visions into Love Stories will require 25 actions and converting those into Permits will require 10 actions. Getting the things will cost and action. Leaving a grand total of 709 actions for Hunter’s Keep.

Feel free to correct my maths, but even with my thumb on the scale a bit, the Flit is clearly the more efficient operation.

Thanks for the analysis! I saw elsewhere you said Hunter’s Keep was the most efficient, but I suppose the Flit robberies hadn’t been added yet.

Yeah, the Flit robberies were explicitly added to provide the top-tier lodging goods, so I’m not surprised that they come out the best. As I’ve observed elsewhere, if your Shadowy is well below cap, you don’t necessarily need the Gang of Hoodlums: The Decoy is slower, but gives you more cp in Shadowy and some random goods. (You do need about 125 with gear to get the check that exchanges Casing cp to Straightforward, since that costs more cp if you fail.)
In an [color=00ffff]old thread[/color], we did the math on some other options: Jade Unfinished Business, grinding in Polythreme, the University/Flit exploit.