Where can I get Foxfire Candle Stubs?

I need them to progress in my Ambition, where can I get them?

That will depend on your level. If your a person of some significance you can go to “Unfinished business in Veilgarden”, other wise what are your stats?


You can get some early in the Rooftop Urchin questline, when he invites you to go burgle an abandoned church with him. And if you take tea with the Reverend, he’ll later split his bursary of candles with you if you help him in his research. But you might have outlevelled those quests by this point.

Thanks! By the way how do you gain: a scholar of the correspondence?

Seriously, it will show up later in your Watchful storylets.

Patience :D okay, than you everyone!

I believe that I achieved it somewhere between Watchful 60 and Watchful 80, though I could have gotten it earlier than I did if I were willing to risk some almost impossible checks.

[quote=BlackFury]DANGEROUS 44
SHADOWY 25[/quote]

The “Attend a service at the Melancholy Curate’s church” storylet in Veilgarden gives about 37 candles per action and is [color=rgb(0, 0, 255)]low-risk[/color] for Persuasive 40 with a rare success that give 7 romantic notions.

on a grinding note, what’s the best way to get Lamplighter Beeswax/Phosphorent Scarabs pre-PoSI? I need some for a Whirring Contraption to actually BECOME a PoSI

Foxfire candle stubs are hard to find at lower levels - I take the Kaleidoscopic church card and side with the church every time to get 60 Candle stubs.

I’ve not found any good Lamplighter Beeswax/Phosphorescent Scarabs but there are a few cards that give scarabs - The Ways of the University card (Glowing and chittering option) and the Eye and the Camera card gave about 7 or 8 scarabs each. I keep an eye out for those.

oh god i need 200 and i only have thirty

Yeah, that was an unpleasant surprise. I became a POSI yesterday (YAY!) and picked up the last 30 or so scarabs I needed with those cards. Well, I broke down and purchased the last 4 scarabs - the are available at the Bazaar, albeit at a pretty high price.

Oh man i had forgotten you could buy things at the bazaar entirely somehow

I actually buy most items I need at the Bazaar - it’s pricey, but it doesn’t cost an action and it’s faster. :)

I don’t buy things at the bazaar unless I absolutely have to. This is mainly due to opportunity cost. If, for example, I sell 200 nevercold brass slivers one day to buy 100 jade fragments, but then later down the line I need 200 nevercold brass slivers, I need to farm back up another 200 brass slivers. Or, I could just take the time now to farm up 100 jade, which would take half the time.

It’s all about scarcity to me. If I recall, for the POSI grind, the 200 Phosphorescent Scarabs were very difficult to come by. I could find no storylet that rewarded them, even one or two. The two cards that I did find, did not come up in my deck very often (and only gave out a paltry 7 or 8 scarabs). I was also worried that I would soon level up too high to get the cards anymore (indeed, I think I did level out of the Camera card, but I did not bother to verify). I think it was a couple of weeks to get most of the needed scarabs, and I only needed about 38 more of the dang things when I found out my situation. I do not regret purchasing the last few scarabs to get on with the story.

In Spacemarine9’s case, I think I’d certainly have just gone ahead and purchased the lot. The occasional card with low return for something I need would not have been grinding, it would have been excruciating waiting. So when there is no reliable source of the items, I’ll likely wait a bit for opportunities, but ultimately go ahead and purchase what is needed.

On the other hand, I could get my lease at the Bazaar today, if I purchased Whispered Secrets at the Bazaar. In this case, I’m like Urthdigger, it seems wasteful to me to go that route. At a future point, I’ll surely need the resources I would have to sell to buy the Whispered Secrets now. So grind now (I have a good Whispered Secrets source available) and get the lease at the end of the week, or get the lease now and DOUBLE grind later (due to the sell/buy differential at the Bazaar). I’m grinding now.

(BTW, I do know that Whispered Secrets is not the most efficient way to purchase the lease - but I had accumulated so many previously that in my circumstances it made sense.)
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Bumping this up to see if any foxfire candle sources have emerged since this thread was started. I also need them for my ambition.

Lamplighter Beeswax is easily obtained by hunting moths for the Chandleress in Watchmaker Hill (though you might level out of that at some point?), and then you can trade them in for Scarabs.

Even if you do level out of it, a Ridiculous Hat or Talkative Rattus Faber should be a significant enough disadvantage to get you back to it (I think?).

If you have access to the Shuttered Palace and enough connected church you can get Foxfire candles by calling in favours.