Where can I farm easily Foxfire Candle Stubs?

I want to get access to the university and need 30 Memory of Distand Chores. So now I have to grind a lot of Foxfire Candles and I want to know where a good income area of FC is. So where can I get a good amount of them?

You can cash in on Church Connection at Shuttered Palace, for one. At the Duchess court you can compose a hymn for 3000 but that takes a while (and only if you’re still welcome).

Check here: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Foxfire_Candle_Stub_Sources

Edit: Don’t forget you can side-convert also!
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Just a note, you can’t really DO anything in the university until you unlock the storyline that you get with Scholar of the Correspondance, at which point access to the university is free.

Ummm…yes…what he said. My Neathy persona found that out the hard way in a bout of OCD unlocking.

I’m assuming you’re not a POSI, but in case you are, you can grind them at Ladybones with the “Admirer in the Clergy” option too.

It is definitely not worth buying your way into the University as you can’t do anything until you have Scholar of the Correspondence.

Also if you are looking for sources of the third tier 50p items it is always worth thinking about sideways conversions in your inventory. Just take something for which you have an easy source, the number of actions depends on how many steps away you are on the cycle but you will get to the desired item eventually.

Okay, I guess I have to stick around Forgotten Quarter then. Hopefully I will get the Storylet soon to unlock it. What’s the sense in buying in when you cannot do anything there?

There are a group of storylets that can be done at the University (Shadowy Business at the University), but they aren’t part of the main storyline, and most of them are only unlocked at a level of much further progress in other areas/qualities.

Um…I’m not sure. It might give you a small amount of Summerset/Benthic connection to use for conversions? You could also raise said connections if you have 97 Watchful, but by then you could have probably become a Scholar of the Correspondence. If you collected 5 Leathery Human Hearts you could turn them in there, and if you’re a Master Thief there’s a storylet based way of getting Counting the Days up from 12 to 14.

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one of my alts bought his way into the university just to progress the nemesis plot a little faster… probably not that big of a difference anyway since he eventually needed to grind his watchful stat to university levels to progress the plot in that OTHER tomb colony.

Probably the nemesis is really the only reason to do that, since you won’t be making Impossible Theorums or increasing your Scholar of the Correspondance stat until you’ve got much higher watchful than you’d need to do the Scholar of the Correspondance unlock expedition.


Even with the nemesis ambition, it might be better to do it on visiting cards rather than buying the route.

Probably, or just waiting since, as mentioned, you’ll need to get that much watchful eventually anyway.