Where are the revels?

I was promised a week of festivities, and yet my throat remains dry, my dancing slippers dust-covered, and my mind idle. Shall we not have music? Shall we not have dancing?

Patience delicious friend. Moving the domain name is like zailing the unterzee without any maps, light, provisions, or ladies in scarlet stockings, which is to say neither a simple or enjoyable task. Festivals can take place once the ship is in harbor. Until then lets be grateful we can still play the game without error messages.
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edited by MaskedGentleman on 3/26/2012

The entire Neath is moving! Whole cellars of wine are toppled! The musicians are flattened beneath the cellars! It will take sometime for Mr.Wines to scoop up the wine from the ground.

As for your mind and your slippers, I believe these are your own responsibilities. Does it really cost that much to have your rats polish your slippers? Are you not watchful enough to refresh your mind with some improving literature?

(I am disappointed that Intriguing Gossips and Incendiary Gossips still look the same, though.)
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Many thanks to our revolutionary brothers, that the people of London may once again use its proper name freely. It is but a small step toward overthrowing the yoke of the Masters!

…is what some revolutionary terrorist might say. Possibly. Uh, long live the Bazaar![/shifty]

one thing I’ve noticed since the official change is that every time I draw an opportunity card the 10m timer resets on me. normally if the timer’s at 5:36 when I click the deck it would continue counting down from there instead of going all the way back to 10:00 and making me wait that extra time before the next card is added


Mine does too, so I’m sending a report as well.

waits for revels with bated breath

Anyone figured out how to link their account to their email address, by the way? I could only see a way of setting up a new account, rather than linking an existing one.

Dear Lady, go to the my friends tab. At the bottom should be a section where you can link your email address. It appeared on mine, but that is mine and not yours so we can only hope your have it as well.

Huzzah! Thank you, kind sir. That works perfectly.

A pleasure to assist a lady. As for the revels, I assume Mr. Wines is finding a sap err sponsor to provide delights for our 5 senses (6 for rubberys and 11 1/2 for Masters)

Mr. Kennedy once held a contest on his twitter wall that the first 20 or so would be gifted a rubbery associate. It was similar to new delicious friends earning that cache of delightful goods. I wonder if the revels will be like that. Or perhaps another poetry competition.

The distinct lack of revelry continues.

Where is this? My “My Friends” tab features only a “Click to catch up with rumours” link and the buttons to invite Facebook and Twitter friends.

In theory it should be bellow the button to recruit friends through social networks. The black bold text Link should be above a sentence that says

“Link your email address to your account”

Again, that is what should be there. If it is not you might wish to email failbetter about a bug.
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edited by MaskedGentleman on 3/27/2012

Huzzah! The revels are here!

Huzzah! My tweet doesn’t show up when I search #fallenlondon. Wait, that is not worth huzzahing. That is the opposite of huzzah. hazzuH!

I greatly require assistance.

[quote=MaskedGentleman]Huzzah! The revels are here!

Huzzah! My tweet doesn’t show up when I search #fallenlondon. Wait, that is not worth huzzahing. That is the opposite of huzzah. hazzuH!

I greatly require assistance.[/quote]
[color=00ffff]No problem - send your entry to me via a forum private message, and I’ll make sure it’s included for consideration.[/color]

God bless you sir.