When can I get rid of my 78 first city coins

I am currently at the “Price of Desire” part of the Heart’s Desire storyline and I am wondering if I can get rid of my First City Coins yet or do I need to keep them to the end of the story line.

I believe you need them for a few other steps, but since they ARE your ante for the game, I’d say your best bet is to just hold on to them.

I think you only need 77, in which case you could probably get rid of 1; unless it will be possible to lose the ante for no reward…

I am all but certain that the extra coin will be of some importance later on. I say hold onto them; they will definitely become important later.

Agreed; the extra coin is SPOILER[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]received freely during the Ambition itself, so, if the Chechov’s Gun theory is true (TVTropes docet), it could actually have some use later.[/color]/SPOILER

On a side thought, usually it is good to hold onto just EVERYTHING, lest it’s used afterwards. I find the more sellable items are the ones easily gained and not involved in the Neath economy (that is, not transformable in higher-tier items): Rostygold, Nevercold Brass, Rats on a String and Moon-Pearls, though it is advisable to keep a cache of them too for the rare cases in which they’re required.