What's to the west of London?

Sunless Sea covers everything from the NORTH to the south pretty comprehensively, but we never get to see what’s to the west. Is this because there is nothing (i.e. it’s just a cliff/wall reaching to the roof of the cavern), or is there some other reason?

Hell is somewhere over there. (Or halfway over there? Its confusing) Could be some other things I don’t know of. But its basically all land, so it wouldn’t make sense for Sunless Sea to go there.
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I’d assume there’s also a big ol cave wall somewhere in that direction. Hell can’t be too far away if there was a significant military campaign against it and if it’s connected to London by the river, so it’s probably just beyond hell, aka a place where humans wouldn’t have much of a chance to remain alive.

Hell - that’s where the railroad at Moloch Street Station takes you.

I remember some of the Pirates who are sponsored/work for Hell in Sunless Sea mention something about a cave wall in the West. It’s been a while since I came across them so I’m not 100% sure.

If I had to guess I’d say both the West and South have a proper Cave Wall. North and East are just giant barrels of f___ing weird.[li]
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To west of Fallen London lies Heathrow, where sane and healthy Londoners don’t go.

Also known as hell in some dialects.

Where’s Swindon, then?

You will see it when a certain Clay Man got overthrown by rats like a certain Tiger

You will see it when a certain Clay Man got overthrown by rats like a certain Tiger[/quote]

That’s assuming your very specific (great?) chain of succession is in place, or that all of the revolutionaries are oddly attached to Swindon.