What's the chance of seeing Zepplins in the future

If the game does well enough is it possible we might still see the Zeppelin expansion at some point? The references to things living on the roof have got me curious!

As much as I’d like to see them in the game given my clear obsession with them, I doubt we’ll see them. If the game does really well then perhaps in some future expansion but as far as I’m aware there are no plans to add anything like that.

I think Failbetter would go ahead with that project if the Under the Unterzee expansion sells well enough to merit another one.

IDK about the Zeppelin expansion, but I’m pretty sure there is a grounded Zeppelin in The Empire of Hands.

In Sunless Sea, I highly doubt that Zepplins will make an appearence as player driven craft. The interface is too focused on the Zee, meaning the game can be more easily tweaked to include submarines (which is what they are aiming for). Besides, nothing on the roof but Moon-Misers, New Newgate Prison and lots of bats. There might possibly be a small kingdom of crazy stalactite dwellers up there as well but quite honestly I think I’ll stick with my trips to the New Khanate thank you kindly.

In Fallen London, however, there is certainly the possibility that the team will allow, shall we say, privileged persons to gain the license needed for such a craft. The Masters would have to have a good reason for such however…

edited by Owen Wulf on 1/20/2015

Mechanically, airships would work well enough - if they can add a submerged layer parallel to the existing playfield, they can add a roof-level one. In terms of gameplay, well, it’s up to them how much content would actually be up there (and whether we could float out the hole above Avernus and see where it lies!) Financially… if memory serves, and I could be completely wrong, the official word is “maybe if it sells really well, but no promises at this early venture” (I’ll look up my sources for that as soon as I’m able.) Telling your friends about Sunless Sea certainly can’t hurt, either way!

I feel like it would function best as a gazetteer-based area like the surface. Take a trip up there for a price to access a few unique options, probably related to a specific quest. Hopefully we’ll have a better idea of what the roof is like later this year courtesy of a certain update a quarter of the FL players are waiting on…