What's the best use of a mood?

I’m a fairly high-level player (base stats ranging from 134 (Shadowy) to 170 (Persuasive)), and I’ve been sitting on A dusty bookshop for a while, waffling on deciding what to use a mood on. So what are your opinions? What’s the best use of one?

Well I like to use mine on expeditions so I can get better odds. I suppose you could use it to unlock a quirk polisher (soon. Sounds like you’re still too low for even that). Maybe spend it on your lowest stat needed for your next ambition stage and go wail on it?

I used them to advance my scholar of correspondance level. Now I am discarding them. If anyone can suggest any good use I want to know. I have modified stats of watchful 285, persuasive 250, shadowy 246, dangerous 253. It is really terrible to discard such rare cards.

At such high levels of stats, the only things that come to mind are manufacturing Searing Enigmas at the University and advancing SoTC beyond 10 for bragging rights, both of which consume a great number of materials.

– Mal

If you’ve grinded Boatman’s opponent up to 40, equip the mood, look in the appropriate mirror (or plan on losing to Feducci) and go on a chess playing spree?

Mal, I do have the bragging rigts for StoC with lvl 21. I have more than enough searing enigmas cause I never sold them and manufacturing causes net echo loss.
Parelle, yes boatman is good idea. Though going the boat by playing my starveling cats will be more fun cause it will probably make me mad and/or addicted to laadum.

[quote=suhe gul]
Parelle, yes boatman is good idea. Though going the boat by playing my starveling cats will be more fun cause it will probably make me mad and/or addicted to laadum.[/quote]
Well, even winning against the Boatman (ha, postman) could drive you insane :) Do enjoy!
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The main use I tend to see suggested for moods, besides raising SotC, is mugging a drunk rat in Spite, since the reward for that is tied to your Shadowy stat.

It is not worth it usually. The mood card will add 39 pence gain to each rubbing. Unles you have enough someone is coming for 4 times it is not even worth the action to get the mood because epa in end game grindings comes around 1,4.

If you have all you need from Penstock’s wicket, and have leftover pails of snow, and a Dreadful Surmise, and have already gotten Taste of Lacre to 6 or above using the monocle…

Well, that’s a lot of “ifs”, but then the only way to ‘reliably’ get more ToL from those pails is feeding 'em to a boar, and that’s a very hard dangerous challenge, even with all the gear, so worth a mood hat.

I used my Mood to become a PoSI! All of my stats were over 100 except for my Shadowy, which was at ~75 – I used Cool as Ice to pass the last checks I needed to become a PoSI. My stats are so out of balance – I just got Shadowy 107 and have been a PoSI for a while now, and my Persuasive is capped while Watchful/Dangerous are in the 160s. I haven’t gotten a Mood since then, though, so I’m afraid I can’t offer much advice for what you should use it on. Still, thought I’d toss it out there for lower leveled players to consider!

Other uses for Mood:

  • boost your Shadowy so you can grind ever higher levels of Renown: Criminals (I am stat maxed and now need Moods to advance past Renown: 42.

  • give yourself a marginally better chance of gaining a Searing Enigma from the Rosers card in the Nadir

  • improve your chances on the 8 Action option on the Overgoat card