whats the best use for searing enigmas?

im debating selling the rest and pocketing the extra cash for new attire. any thoughts on the best uses for these?
edited by Adam Darkzee on 1/27/2016

I think the main uses are an Impossible Theorem, which is a cool bragging rights thing that takes 49+ of them, and hosting a spider party at the observatory to increase making waves. If you don’t want to do either I think selling is fine.

i did the math on the theorem anyways. you get at least double the echoes if you just plain sell the enigmas. thank you for the quick reply.

Back in the days of Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name, there was a forthcoming option that required 77 of them; Seeking isn’t coming back soon and you may not want to even when it does, but that’s what I’m stockpiling them for.
edited by an_ocelot on 1/27/2016

Yeah, this is why I kept my pile of 77 Enigmas for so long, but eventually I sold most of them for the Cider grind.

Time to rebuild the pile again.

Ah, Seeker mentality - this is why I keep collecting scraps, assuming I’ll need at some point to sacrifice all the top-tier relicker items…

Use them as your profile picture. They’re hot.