What's that smell? card never showing up(solved)


I’ve been going thru cheesemonger storyline.

my &quotAn Agent of the Cheesemonger&quot level is 6.

according to wiki, an opportunity card named &quotWhat’s that smell?&quot is supposed to show up.
( https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/What’s_that_smell%3F )

and its frequency is supposed to be &quotstandard&quot.

But I’ve been going thru cards for almost 3 days now, and &quotWhat’s that smell?&quot card is just NOT showing up.

Is this just rng? am I supposed to wait and keep changing cards?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Please help.

Thanks for reading.


It finally showed up. I guess it was just bad luck after all. Thanks for the answer.
edited by lordgoldshire on 5/26/2019

Sometimes the RGN hates us. There doesn’t seem to be a stats requirement, as there is for previous steps.