What's happened to the game's performance?

I’ve played SS in April and had quite a lot of fun with it, progressing up to Reach. I’m playing on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with an integrated graphics card. It’s not a powerful machine, but it used to handle SS quite well. I’ve decided to give it another spin today, and found that it stutters so badly on even the lowest settings that it’s unplayable. I can’t progress past the tutorial stage because the stuttering is so bad. Are there any workarounds to increase the game’s performance or is there a performance fix planned?

There are currently some performance issues, i suffer greatly from it too. Failbetter has asked people to report issues, read here: Survival Hotfix - (8 Nov 2018) :: Sunless Skies General Discussions

ill send in my own report soon, sunless skies is currently unplayable for me ;-;

After COMMANDER update these major lag issues are still here. Last I played was when Eleutheria came out, and the game was still very playable. Something happened since then that screwed everything up, and I’m not even sure it was FBG’s fault…

Leadbeater and Stainrod appears as the first dialogue box header in the tutorial for no apparent reason?

Very laggy in general. Need an even more barebones graphic option. I’m playing on a Chromebook 2017 running a crouton crosh of ubuntu with xfce. Sunless Seas worked perfectly. Why can’t this?

Character creation screen flavor text obscurred by choice interface on low resolution monitors?

Invisible text on items, inventory changes, etc.

Avatar problem; only last element visible (transparency issue?)

Scroll bar difficult to interact with using a computer with no mouse, only touchpad; up and down keys do not work to scroll the bar; mouse wheel works, but not everyone has one

Long delay between loading start and load screen

Transparency issues seem to have been introduced in an update since I last played the beta. It was playable before; now I can barely get out of a transaction in the New Winchester Bazaar

Whenever there’s anything significant in the foreground the game just lags so much that I can’t navigate. It was bad enough that I starved on the way back to New Winchester.