Whatever happened to Ragged Mendicant?

I talked him out of a trip to Hell, and everyone seemed pleased. He left to do more research elsewhere. Now I’ve received a &quotPast Benefactor&quot card which makes it seem as though I’ve put him into the pit, sad and regretful and all that. It is unlocked with &quotProtege of a Mysterious Benefactor 8.&quot Is this a bug?

No, it’s not a bug.
I don’t believe the text indicates which decision you chose, it merely suggests some introspection on your character’s part as to why you advised him as you did. The text is meant to be ambiguous.
I believe the text in question is visible here
edited by Hypersomnus on 6/27/2015

Yes, and it implies I got rid of him. I didn’t.
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Well, either decision you chose, you did. You either told him to go back to the church or to go to hell. Either way he’s not visiting upon you any more.