What will you do after getting a divorce?

Given the divorce hype (uh… this makes sense in context) this coming Feast, do you have any plans after getting that ring off your hand?

It’s quite interesting that a lot of people did not have marriage in their characters’ narrative. May I ask why?

Was that not the obligatory “I didn’t marry another player” option? Oops. That’s why I voted for that one.

I’m here to avenge my murdered spouse. It wouldn’t feel right, unless I met someone with an excellent knowledge of xenoanatomy and keen aim with a viric arbalest.

I can’t speak for others, but i don’t really like people that much. Certainly not enough to pursue it with a random stranger- i never had many RP freinds at a time. The NPC marriages are expensive and grant an affair of convenience in return with a dull and empty character. While this is good for RPing, as a blank slate can be anything, it’s bad for actual romantic interest, which many people will require to pursue such a relationship.

That said, with divorce now availible, i might seek a marriage of convenience with a peer, since the story looks interesting.

@Sara - Oh I now I understand. The error is on my part.

@TheThirdPolice - I heard Monster Hunters are experts in xenoanatomy although I think their range fighting skill is not their best asset. :D

Too risky, after all. I don’t want to retcon people out if they go inactive, so I am on the fence for now.
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Up until now, at least, it’s been entirely too permanent. I play a mostly solitary game, and don’t have any desire to tie my character to someone else, especially when you were doomed to stay together for all eternity even if your partner quit the game or you break up in the outside world.

Also my character is hopelessly pining away for the Once-Dashing Smuggler, but alas, he is not the marrying type.