What to Sell

I’m seeking Mr. Eaten’s name, and I just killed my Watchful. I want to buy items that will help boost it up temporarily.

What sorts of things am I going to need later that I should avoid selling, and what things are good to sell? Thanks for the help!

Also, does anyone have recommendations for raising unaccountably peckish? Thanks!

Since you now need to grind you watchful back up, I suppose you’re about to have a great surplus of the stuff on the &quotUnfinished Business on Ladybones Road&quot card. It wouldn’t hurt, in that case, to sell off your Primordial Shrieks, Bottles of Greyfields 1882, and Lumps of Lamplighter Beeswax.

Unaccountably Peckish is best controlled by chatting with a Starveling Cat (increase) and buying rubbery lumps in the Labyrinth (decrease). If you don’t have a cat, ask around the Singing Mandrake on the forums and someone can probably help you with that.

As to what you’ll need later, a lot of the pre-winking isle SMEN content is adapted, if not directly pulled, from the old SMEN content so the old wiki guide can give you a preview of the items you’re likely to need up to that point. After that what you need is nothing. You will have nothing. You will become nothing.

While you’re on the Wiki, it may be worth looking at http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Watchful_Items . These lists aren’t always perfect, but they should give you a good indication of what is available.

^ And you still won’t yet have found the damned Name. :-p