What To Do With The Scrimshaw Chronicler?

I’ve recently got back into Sunless Sea and I’ve been having a blast. One of the new stories I noticed from the update, the Scrimshaw Chronicler, has me stumped on what to do. I’m more concerned with the plot and morality of the quest rather than the profitability; if it were simply a matter of what option payed out more, this wouldn’t have become the issue that it is.

I’m torn between telling him the truth about the Chelonate and lying about it to appease him. If I tell him the truth he’ll lose all hope for his home and tragically abandon it as soon as possible, but at least he’ll know what actually happened and can create more truthful, honorable stories as a proper hunter. If I lie, he’ll never have known what actually happened and he’ll not only be living out his existence as a lie but pushing on others to do so as well. However, that gives the other hunters a purpose to continue on their legacy and ends the story on a happier ending of the story both for the Chelonate as a whole and the Chronicler himself.

While I don’t know the text for the rewards given on arrival back in London, I believe I’ve gathered enough from the story to make a decision but I’m still clueless as to what to settle on. Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.