What to do with a Box

After having finished the Affair of the Box, there are 3 possibilities:

  • go to Mr. Stones, that wants to move the Bazaar to a 6th City. (And that is bad for a simple reason: of all the previous cities, there are only ruins)

  • go to Mr. Fires, that wants to keep it in the 5th City (Status quo + Masters. Meh)

  • publish an outraged newspaper edition. (Which sounds a bit naive. It may force someone’s hand. Moreover, if the game’s possibilities were a bit wider, it should probably exile the character. Aaaand now you play in a new location: welcome to our secondary site, FallenPortCarnelian!)

When there are no good choices, which one you pick?
edited by Netos Korlan on 8/5/2018

I picked going to Mr. Fires.

Simply because if you read between the lines (the contents of the box) you’ll see the box is Mr. Stones’. Who won’t appreciate you stealing it’s contents. Mr. Fires however doesn’t care about that, and will reward you happily for giving it to him so he can keep the game of pestering Mr. Stones going.

I didn’t pick the Newspaper as it indeed could’ve kicked you out of London or at the very least could’ve beaten you up by Neddy Men and closed your newspaper or the publisher.