what to do after hunting beasts for mr inch ?

after finishing the duel story. i unlocked the story about hunting beasts. it worked the same way as the duels. there is 3 options, 2 for increasing &quotthe hunt is on&quot, 1 for finding the beasts. there is a fourth option that progress the story. but i successfully captured the mushroom monster before choosing the fourth story option. after completing the fourth option (dealing with topsy king and the duchess). i got instant &quotthe hunt is on&quot and used it to capture the wolf.

now i dont know what to do. am i suppossed to choose the story option first before hunting the mushroom ?. or am i supposed to increase the &quotsavage beast capturer&quot-thing quality to progress the story ?(like in the duel). there is no longer a &quotMaking your Name&quot on the storylet option. so am i supposed to hunt rats to unlock labyrinth of tigers?

im stuck, i dont know what to do

You have to raise your Savage Beast Hunter to 5, and then Mr. Inch will recommend you to Labyrinth of Tigers

oh ok. its the same as the duel then.

an unrelated note. there is a silver storylet on wolfstack docks. something about special zailing. it mentions the false-summer thing. is this an special event or something ?. i dont want to miss it out and i dont want curiousity get the best of me.

EDIT: nevermind, i just read this: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic22940-fruits-of-the-zee-festival.aspx
it is a special event. sorry for pointless double posting
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Yep! That is the option for the seasonal event Fruits of the Zee. It’s going to stick around until August 30, so there’s no rush, but it will go away after that.
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