What to do about the box? (SPOILERS)

I just got to the (probably) final decision in the Affair of the Box storyline - what to do about the box? (Stop reading now if you didn’t finish the story) I have a few questions about the different options… please, if you somehow can, avoid spoilers.

  1. Go to Mr. Stones - Mr. Stones is plotting to move the Bazaar on from London. Could this be a good thing? You could gain its favour by coming clean about the box.

    How, in any way, can such a thing be a good thing? Doesn’t it mean that it’ll destroy the city in the process, just like it did to the Fourth City?

  2. Spread stories about the Masters’ plotting and disunity - You’ll not bend your knee to these cloaked villains! You’ll let the world know. No matter the cost.

    I’m uncertain about this one. Wouldn’t choosing it mean the immediate destruction of the city by the furious Masters? And even if not, it might start another revolution and then they’ll destroy the city… Actually, you can’t answer this one without spoilers. So here’s another question - What will this cost be for me? I’ll lose all my “Connected: The Masters”? Or something else? (not story-wise)

Thank you in advance.

It’s discussed at length [color=0000CC]here[/color].

You can see all the results for 3 on my profile. (I’m keen to see the results for 1, if anyone’s taken it!)

Thank you, I’ll ask my question there.
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Siding with the Masters gives you connected: Masters, siding against them loses you connected: Masters. It does not reset it. None of the options end the game by destroying the city, moving the Bazaar, etc, though they may set up an endgame which will be revealed in later story updates.