What time is sunless skies releasing?

right now the 29th of august just started, 2 hours and 50 minutes ago. 30th august is tomorrow, so at least 21 hours, plus another nine since presumably failbetter opens at 9am like most companies.

But what time is the game actually being released? I was too late to get it on kickstarter, ill be buying on launch day, and i’d really like to start as soon as possible

Approximately 19:00 BST, and this is the beginning of early access, not launch day.

7pm? Why?
That seems an inopportune time to launch a game. It’s at - nay well after, the end of a workday, which leaves no time to fix any last minute problems that crop up

It’s not a time to launch a game, it’s a time to send out the codes to the KS backers. I’m not sure whether the game will become available for purchase before or after that.

[color=#cc0099]To clarify, Sunless Skies is launching approximately 18:00 BST 30th August 2017, however Kickstarter Backers will be receiving their keys around 19:00 BST (due to there being 11,000+ of our amazing Kickstarter supporters, and also giving us a little wiggle room to work with Steam and GOG to get the game live).[/color]

Ok so 11 am Pacific Standard Time
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