what the b____y hell is a maesters mark?

[li]was just using nicolas and sons this is probably legal instant absolution and I noticed a few strange things listed what’s so special about devil spit? why do you need to buy a (relatively if your a common fellow) expensive chemical assortment to get ride of it? same applies to ‘night soil’ what ever the hell that is.
[li]and then there’s the name sake of this thread is a master’s mark a real thing? or is it Nicolas and sons taking liberty with what does and doesn’t exist for the sake of marketing?.

Not familiar with the term? Let’s just say it’s probably London’s most accessible fertilizer.

Getting the five card bazaar lodging gives you “an unusual birthmark”, which is likely the same thing.

Nightsoil is a very old term roughly translated to “shit”.

Well… I’d assume Master’s Marks and Devil-Spit are just folksy names for mundane things. So, maybe devil-spit is an acid stain, and master’s marks are… something.

Could be anything, but I’d assume it’s just what people call something, like an idiom, I guess.

Devils at least can place a Hellish letter on your chest that glows through your clothes, so I would guess that Masters could do something similar? Though I highly doubt Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution could wash that out. And it probably wouldn’t be painless.

There is one thing we know for sure about Nikolas and his sons. They are probably the richest men in London since all those crazy people were giving illegal public lectures in the Forgotten Quarter and were chugging their Instant Absolution, though I predict business will slow down soon.

They listed &quotBLOOD&quot twice. I guess they like blood…[li]

Thrice, actually. They really like blood.[/li]

I remember reading somewhere it was suspicion.