What stories are left to do mid to late game ?

Hello fellow Londoners,

I’m afraid I arrived at a point in which I don’t have much left to do in the great fallen metropolis. I’m currently pursuing the case of Jack and marvelling at the deliciously cruel things I accomplished while I had that knife… and I’ll apparently have to make a choice soon about the Bishop’s plan… I’m currently taking to Zee again in order to enjoy the new mechanics and to explore the last two locations I have yet to set foot on (Mutton Island and Hunter’s keep - although I already know them from Sunless Sea), and then…

I’m afraid I won’t have anything interesting to do anymore. I’m not interested in grinding (getting those premises at the Bazaar was tedious enough, although grinding these permits at least allowed me to become a Crooked Cross), but I don’t want to give up on the game until the next ambitious update (which I so impatiently want, my ambition, Light Fingers, remains my favoriate piece of content so far).

So what’s left to do when you’re a POSI at about 130 points in each skill ? The only things I can think of are my nocturnal visits in the cellars of the Palace (although that’s stuck at 5, how do you continue that storyline after it ?), and maybe the foreign terms (I’m still not even close to that ingame, how do you get there, by doing artistic work in Court ? And I don’t really want to be banished from Court anyway…).

Is there some hidden/obscure storyline that will appear later on ? Something that people often miss, for instance ? Is that Polythreme spying storyline interesting ? Are there more things to do in the Iron Republic once you got the journal ?

Help me here, delicious friends, before boredom drives me crazy and I start sending boxes of rats to everybody that cross my path.
edited by Lemexis on 7/23/2015
edited by Lemexis on 7/23/2015

The forays into the palace cellar won’t change anymore, five is the content boundary for that I believe.
The governorship will require you to be banished from court, which happens to people who writing particularly… challenging music. Governing is probably worth getting banished in my eyes, theres a lot of good stuff to see, and the court won’t change at all. Just make sure you’ve got all the copies of books and such that you want first. Also it would be useful to know what other recent stories you’ve done, like if you’ve been down to the Nadir, done the affair of the box, wars of illusion, stuff like that.

There is also the possibilty of just not playing if you don’t want to. Theres no use in burning yourself doing something you have no desire to do.

Also, theres a lot of really good fate locked stories if you don’t mind the cost.

You’re at the content boundary for Nocturnal Visits in the Cellars, so there’s nothing more to do there for now. It’s possible that you might have skipped over one of the more obscure storylines, like the Wars of Illusion, but barring that…

Spywork in Polythreme is not particularly involved, but starting it does help with other investigative stories. If you haven’t pursued all the stories in Polythreme, I’d recommend checking them out, although… The Jack of Smile case will take you there eventually, so you may as well wait until that point

Being Governor of Port Carnelian does require you to be banished from Court (which comes after doing artistic works for the Privy Counselor). I suppose you could ask yourself how useful access to Court really is at this point in your career.

Otherwise, you’re getting into more grindy things. You can grind up your stats and maybe pick a PoSI specialization. You can pick a few accomplishments that look nice and grind them up, such as the different qualities that come from publishing your newspaper (you do have a newspaper, right?).

Aww, such a shame, I really liked those nocturnal visits.

I’m done with Wars of Illusion for now (I saw a message saying that I reached the current end of that storyline). Yes, I have a newspaper, but the first edition was a complete failure and I never got the patience to grind another Whirring contraption. I’ve done all the fate-locked storylines I found (except the 100 fate transformation in Flute Street, which isn’t really a story anyway).

Challenging music, you say… I think I see what you’re talking about. I almost did something pretty challenging last time, but I was afraid of the consequences. Mainly because I read somewhere that the Court was the best way to grind making waves (and, who knows, maybe the ambitions will require notability at one point or another) and I don’t want to lose that option.

I’ve been in the Nadir once, I wanted to come back after improving my skills a bit.

And thanks for the little tip about the Jack case. Yeah, I’ll think I’ll go compose the most challenging piece of music ever once I’ve finished the rest. Thanks for the advices !

PS : I never did any action (I guess I’m a lonely little soul), am I missing out some social-only interesting stories here ?

Yeah, the War of Illusions is relatively easy to miss, and it’s a decent way to kill some time.

The monthly exceptional stories are very good, though they come with more than enough extra actions, so you’ll likely still need other things to do.

Personally I started on my Overgoat once I had finished everything, and I’m still grinding towards that. It’s apparently the fashionable way to wait for new content.

Meh, I don’t need an Overgoat. I love my Bifurcated Owl. It’s cute. In its own, terrifying way. And I’m afraid of what it’ll do to me if I replace it.

Yeah, I’m already an exceptional friend, and I’ve been one most of the time - these new stories are really good (especially the last one).