What should I spend my fate on?

I apologize if this kind of thread isn’t allowed, but I have about 75 fate that I bought for myself as a Christmas gift, and I’ve been waffling on what to spend it on. I like new story content – I did Flute Street a while ago and absolutely adored it, and I quite liked the Velocipede Squad content as well. Does anyone have a favorite fate-locked story that they think was worth every point and would highly recommend?

I think of the stories available now (Flint excluded) “Lost in Reflections” and “the Gift” offer more lore and thrill of all.

Hmm, I don’t remember anything about Lost Daughter story, but one of it’s endings gives a useful opportunity in Nadir + a decent companion, so there’s that.

I would advise against getting the Rubbery Murders…

I thought Lost Daughter was alright, actually. I find the aforementioned companion an interesting one roleplay-wise, if you’re looking for that. I’d agree that Flint, Lost in Reflections, Trade in Souls and the Gift are all solid choices. I also liked Discernment, October’s exceptional story, but I think it isn’t out yet.

Also, check out the additional content in the Labyrinth of Tigers! You can purchase that in your lodgings (speak to the gossip, then the Clayman Coalman) or, I believe, via an opportunity card that appears after some progress in the Labyrinth (though I bought the story before the card ever appeared for me, so I can’t confirm this firsthand). This one goes well with Flute Street, by the way.

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In addition to what people have said above, at least the first fate-locked expedition is cool if you’re interested in a bit of lore about judgements.(Haven’t done the second yet)

Since you already have Flute Street, I suggest the Labyrinth of Tigers extra content. You need something from Flute Street to maximize you profit from the Labyrinth, and I found it thoroughly enjoyable so far. Everyone loves Neathymon.

@Robin: I paid the Fate to initiate “Secrets,” but nothing has happened yet. The card did say it would be pursued next via the Opportunity Deck, so I’m presuming I haven’t yet flipped the appropriate card (or perhaps I lack some quality right now). I’ve had a couple of nice chats with a certain… artist, though, through the “Friend is Accepting Visitors” card.

– Mal

is flute street essential for the fourth coil of the labyrinth?

[quote=wraith]is flute street essential for the fourth coil of the labyrinth?[/quote]Flute Street ties into the fate-locked Labyrinth of Tigers extension, making them a good paired buy.

I’ll add my 2c and say that the Labyrinth of Tigers is a great buy (especially if you already have Flute Street). I’d suggest smaller purchases like Secrets Framed in Gold or the Aunt as a good way to go. I also thought the Trade in Faces was an interesting story with a useful mechanical reward.

I agree with RobinMask - the Soul Trade story is definitely one you should get.
I’d also recommend the Blemmigan Affair, as I rather enjoyed it. (Though given that nobody else has mentioned it here, it’s possible that your mileage may vary.)

is that thing that you unlock and you know what it is worth it?

Thank you guys so much for your input! I bought and finished The Gift and loved it – absolutely worth the fate, that was delightfully creepy and I loved learning more about the Royal Family. It wasn’t particularly challenging, as I’ve capped Persuasive and am at ~160 Watchful, ~105 Shadowy, and ~155 Dangerous, but it was a fun little tale! I’ll avoid the Rubbery Murderers and Lost Daughter ones, but I am embarking on the Soul Trade too, because why not. I forgot to mention in my original post that I have done the Labyrinth continuation, and wow yes, that final beastie along was worth it! Unfortunately, it is too late for me to do the fate-locked Mr. Sacks one… but I will definitely keep an eye out for it next year! It looks like I have a lot of awesome options for the rest of my fate, and I’m very excited to use it. Thanks, you guys are a great bunch!

If you still have Fate to spend, my thoughts on the stories you haven’t mentioned purchasing in no particular order:

  • Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold is an excellent storyline which like The Gift is primarily focused on story rather than reward, though one ending unlocks the special destiny Passion. If you want Passion, keep in mind that USFiG is NOT resettable if you choose the wrong ending.[/li][li]The Face Trade is fairly interesting as well with some unique insights into certain of London’s mysteries. All endings unlock an option on a card which gives menace reduction and connections (or in one case Certifiable Scrap).[/li][li]The Blemmigan Affair is a lighthearted and amusing storyline of which the lore ties in primarily with Sunless Sea content. Each ending unlocks an opp card option, two of which scale with stats and are very profitable.[/li][li]The Inconvenient Aunt storyline extension is fairly light on the story with a little information on Neathy/surface relations. All endings unlock a card; one is unambiguously bad and one has a chance to refresh actions. (Partway through the free portion of the story it is possible to fail a check and have your aunt become captured by the Brass Embassy. This unlocks a different card with a Fate option to free her: this continues the story and merges with the other path without additional Fate cost.)[/li][li]Mysteries of the Foreign Office extends the content there and provides further story and information around the Face and the Teeth. The ending provides one of several unique home comforts or unique spouses, the latter of which do not have associated cards like the free NPC spouses.[/li][li]Of the currently-available Exceptional Stories, I’ve only played Lost in Reflections which was excellently written and had a great deal of lore. The Haunting at the Marsh-House can provide a unique Remote Lodging and I have no knowledge about Court of Cats or Last Dog Society. Flint is excellent, highly rewarding both story and reward-wise, but is of course much more expensive than the other stories to fit its unusual length.[/li][li]Having been written early in FL’s existence, A Long-Lost Daughter has an okay story that can clash with roleplaying backstory and is only worth getting for one ending which provides a unique companion, which opens an option on a Nadir card for gaining Dramatic Tension.[/li][li]The Rubbery Murders is another early story and is unambiguously lacking. No interesting rewards and a weak conclusion make it not worth getting.[/li][li]Visiting the Wry Functionary in his home from the card A Visit unlocks a quite lengthy bit of conversational content with several different separate storylines. All options require no actions and give minimal rewards so this is purely focused on characterization and lore. I enjoyed it quite a bit myself but it’s less noteworthy than some other storylines.[/li][li]The Jack-of-Smiles case has two fate-locked branches. The first provides some additional story and the second allows completion of both normal ending branches.[/li][li]Various useful Fate-locked items come with some story, notably the various home comforts (and one transport) from having someone unusual shovel out access to your lodgings. Several Fate gifts at the Feast of the Exceptional Rose are also noteworthy for having the best stats in the game, specifically two hats with two BDR each (of which one is also the best shadowy hat) and one weapon with three BDR. Two destinies have better stat bonuses for fate, and some seasonal content provides a choice of some 312.5 echo items, one of which is a +12 Dangerous weapon.

Some comments on content you have already purchased both for you and anyone else who may come looking for information:

  • For the Soul Trade, one branch provides an opp card with excellent menace reduction and connection gains while the other unlocks a slightly better echo grind than the Affair of the Box. [/li][li]The Gift has an excellent story but is much more horror-focused than other stories so may not be to everyone’s taste. Both endings provide unique affiliations with cards that are decent but not very profitable.[/li][li]Flute Street unlocks two unique locations and a carousel for large amounts of amber, connections with Rubbery Men, and some unique items including a unique pet. This ties in with the Theological Husbandry extension below.[/li][li]Flute Street also contains an option to obtain a Peculiar Personal Enhancement for 100 fate. Choosing this provides around 10 cp of the quality and each action that requires it reduces the quality by 1 cp. This allows access to a +3 BDR spouse and an option for two Taste of Lacre on one 12 Days of Mr Sacks card. The other options provide some interesting text but nothing worthwhile.[/li][li]Empyrean Redolence, the expansion to Theological Husbandry, unlocks several unique pets and the story Bound in Diocesan Intrigue. Of the three additional pets independently available one is noteworthy for a card that can raise SotC to 10. A different pet unlocks the card beginning Bound in Diocesan Intrigue. With both this content and Flute Street, two more pets become available: one bred from Flute Street’s unique pet, and the Bifurcated Owl which among other things costs all four other pets obtainable in Empyrean Redolence. The Owl is noteworthy for having +4 BDR, tied with the Ubergoat, and for a somewhat profitable card that can raise SotC to 10.[/li][li]The Spinning of the Wheels expands upon the Velocipede Squad story. It grants the Ratwork Velocipede, a +4 BDR transport. One ending permanently locks the Velocipede Squad carousel for material rewards while the other unlocks a decent card.

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I quite enjoyed the Lost Daughter and the Blemmigan Affair, though many of the details are lost in the mists of my rather poor memory. I was particularly delighted to gain free dramatic tension in the Nadir from the Daughter story.

I recently spent 2 Fate to go to the Master’s Revels as a guests and am considering doing it again. It’s short, but different and also gives connected: masters. (I am such a sucker, eh?)

If I recall correctly, resetting the Affair of the Box storyline to its midpoint costs ten fate and each go provides both several points of C: Masters and searing enigmas.

Now that explains my memory loss! That, and too many visits to the Nadir. On a very happy note - I drew the Old Bones card in the Nadir 3 times in a row and got 3 CP of free dramatic tension. My reward for being too sentimental to give up a daughter? (Was that even the storyline? I don’t remember!) :D

No. The Fourth coil of the Labyrinth can be done with one of the &quotregular&quot beasts captured.[/quote]

I was wondering about the non-fate portion of the Labyrinth - is creating a Hound of Heaven the end of what you can do there? I find myself without any Dangerous opportunities to pursue right now.

On a similar note, I’m at a loose end in most places - I’ve been expelled from Court and the University and I can’t seem to do anything to advance Mahogany Hall (I’ve completed the Affair of the Box and checked out each day’s show at the Hall). What should I be doing to progress now? ‘Find New Stories’ from my Lodgings only offers Fate-locked content.

EDIT: After looking through this thread, I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy Flute Street. Love a few Rubbery Lumps. I’ll probably end up getting the Empyrean Redolence stuff as well. My encounter with the Bifurcated Owl in the second coil was intriguing, to say the least, and it seems a fine thing to parade around on my shoulder.

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I’d agree with several other that Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold is worth spending Fate on. Brilliant storyline, and it throws up a lot of interesting choices to make.

If you had a bit more Fate, I’d also recommend Flint. Signed up for Exceptional Friendship for the first time to play it and was not disappointed!

flint also unlocks the route for a certain place…
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Yes, creating a Hound and the various other beast breeding for items is currently the end of the dangerous tracker and the Labyrinth storyline both. If you happen to be at zee regularly for whatever reason, catching seals and breeding them into Hounds is decently profitable and selling it to the bishop gives among other things Cellars of Wine. The only other high-level dangerous content I know of is the War of Assassins carousel, best used for Collections of Curiosities to sell on the Tomb-Colonists card as one of the best grinds in the game.

One thing you haven’t mentioned is the newspaper content in Doubt Street. If you haven’t already done so, go to Spite and there’s a storylet to take you there unlocked after a card or Find New Stories with Shadowy 110. Starting your newspaper requires either certain items/qualities or spending PoSI crafting items so I’d recommend having the following before going there: Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand, Corresponding Ocelot (and you should get Empyrean Redolence alongside Flute Street anyways), Educating Lyme from Mahogany Hall, Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 3, and An Intimate With Devils 5.