What should I do with my first 1000 echoes ?

Delicious ones, I’m a brand new zailor. After many hours, I eventually managed to save 1000 echoes (I’m on ‘Unforgiving mode’). How would you advise me to spend them ? Buy a house and set a will ? Upgrade the ship (then, what ?).
Any hint welcome.

You could do a lot worse than invest in Caminus Yards’ top-of-the-line harpoon gun. That will give you a definite edge in combat, and assist in making your next thousand!

Mr. Tanah-CHook has good advice. If you do make that purchase, do not neglect to equip it in your “Hold” tab.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. How does the legacy work, exactly? If I were to buy a townhouse, would the next character keep it ? And the one after that ? Should wills be written for each character ?

A legacy is chosen upon death, and allows you to carry over a single stat, Officer, or the map between characters. You can purchase a Will to transfer over a Townhouse or Mansion separate from that. The Will is purchasable from the Lodgings section in Fallen London. You can also turn certain rare items into Heirlooms for a fee, which a successor can exchange for money in their new game. Heirlooms are also independent from the Skill/Officer/Map legacy.

Each character will need to write a will to pass things down to the next, although the Legacy is free and automatic.