What should I do with my Dusty Bookshop?

Hallo lawds and ladies,

I’m currently in possession of a Dusty Bookshop opportunity card (for the second time…the first time I lost it due to some inopportunely timed death, but all’s well that ends well, I suppose). However, it has been sitting unused in my hand for many weeks now, and I’m somewhat weary of looking at it (and the extra clicks it take to draw cards, because I am inclined towards sloth), so I’m looking for possible suggestions on what I could potentially use it for. Is there any particular content worth using it for now, at my current point in the game (just prior to mid-game, I think), or should I continue to hold on to it for a point coming up soon/later in the game (at the cost of not being able to do anything “elsewhere”, like going on a heist)?

Where I’m at in the game:
I’m not yet a PoSI, but since both my Watchful and Shadowy are lagging behind threshold by about 20 levels (and no patron, alas), I wouldn’t be able to use the Bookshop to boost myself through that particular hoop. I’ve done a couple Thefts of Particular Character, stole from the Brass Embassy, and raided the Duchess’s Study. I am still in the Court’s good graces (for now), and I’ve been dawdling about trapping beasts for the Labyrinth (but don’t yet have a season pass, and haven’t exchanged favors with Mr. Inch). I’ve poked my head into Mahogany Hall on a day trip a couple times, and played a little Pygmalion with a devil, but I don’t have a backstage pass yet. Virginia is still trying to steal my Correspondence Stones, and I’m still featuring in the tales of the University at a 5. I also never started an Ambition, because I was too indecisive about choosing one, but I was initially drawn to Nemesis, and after some time in the Neath I find myself eyeballing Lightfingers (or maybe Heart’s Desire, but really probably either Lightfingers or Nemesis), so if anyone has any thoughts regarding those, I’d love to hear them too.

Anything interesting coming up soon that I could use the “Mood” to boost myself into and sample, or that I could use my Mood to earn a better result at that point? Alternatively, what might be a good use for it later in the game, assuming I keep my Menaces in check and don’t go Elsewhere? Don’t worry about spoilers, I have a bad habit of checking the Wiki before playing any decision so I know a bit more than a person at my stage of the game otherwise would, anyhow.

My apologies for the lengthy post. Brevity of wit and word has never been a strong suit of mine. Ta!

Good news - you don’t have to worry about losing your cards anymore. A very recent change made it so your hand will persist even if you get sent off elsewhere. I’m not sure what to suggest for the Mood, unfortunately. Taking care of Virginia or making an Expedition faster/safer would be my suggestions, but I’m sure others will have a better use for the midgame.

As for ambitions…all of them are pretty good. Nemesis and Lightfingers are very solid choices with great lore revelations. I think you’d be very happy with either of them.

I…I may have shed a few tears upon reading this news. Thank you so much for the revelation.

Your Persuasive is high, yes? Boost it as much as you can, and then take a trip to the Temple Club to cash it all in?

It is probably better to keep the card though, when you can use the mood to accomplish things normally beyond your reach.

I wasn’t aware of this. I’ve used the polite invitation card consecutively because after finishing up in there, the card REMAINS in my hand, so I can do another loop. it’s a great way to grind Talk of the Town, Society, and Making Waves.

That’s actually a bug. FBG is going to fix that once they get the chance to do so.