What should I do before restoring my academic rep?

Delicious friends,

My preference of truth over people fairly recently caused my character to be kicked out of the University.

To show 'em all, I immediately embarked on a voyage of scientific discovery to outdo all those so-called academics, and gathered enough material in one swoop to be accepted back.

However, it occurs to me that I might need to use my Unwelcome at the University quality before I get rid of it.

I have already started, but not completed, the Solving Cases around London chain.

Do I risk to miss anything else if my character decides to get back into good graces with the University?

Nothing. Do it now. If at all possible, do it yesterday.

Unwelcome at the University unlocks a few alternate options allowing you to circumvent anything that requires you to be welcome, but all these options are more expensive. Unless you want the text there’s no reason to stay unwelcome.