what should i cash my proffesional perks into?

i have 3 perks and now im waiting for the 4th one. i dont know what should i use it for.
currently, im now playing a watchful storyline and each option is at least have 60% chance in university investigations. after finishing watchful i am considering persuaive and my persuaive is low but enough to progress and im currently doing nothing at the court since each option is 40% each. also, im considering upgrading my raven with antique mysteries to increase watchful but i dont know if that worth it or not since i can go with watchful upgrade.

so, what do you think?

Watchful upgrade
Persuasive upgrade
or Raven upgrade ?
edited by Snado on 9/8/2016

Wait for the 4th one, and turn them into a Trade Secret. Use the trade secret item (under Curoousities) and this will allow you to gain quite a tidy sum: even after using an antique mystery on your Raven you can sell the rest (if you choose to) for more equipment.

Usinf social actions to gain second chances and using those to increase your stats is the recommended way. The last link in my signature is to the social action thread.
edited by Parelle on 9/8/2016

Converting trade secrets to Enigma is the best option. Enigmas are difficult to acquire, and you can train Watchful and Persuasive easily with social action. Trade Secret is a monthly affair so saving a day’s worth of actions on training isn’t worth it to me.