What Profit?

On the What Profit card unlocked through the soul trade storyline, there’s a special option for players with rubbery alterations. I’m curious as to whether it will make me lose my soul.

I’m curious about this as well. Does having an Alteration lock you out like it does for a few soul-selling options?

I remember playing this one before; the devil isn’t very keen on altered souls. I’m pretty sure you keep your soul, though it has been a while.

Okay. I’ll give it a shot then next time it comes up.

Do keep us posted! :)

Of course. It’ll probably be awhile though. It’s not the most common card. I might take a day or two. Or maybe it’s more common than I think it is. I usually just ignore it because I want to keep my soul.

Alright, I got it. Basically, all that happens is that the devil refuses to take your soul and your character makes some observations on the nature of a devil’s essence. They realize that they seem somehow venomous before realizing that this isn’t how they normally think. You gain 5 appalling secrets.

Do you lose any of the enhancement? Share the echo? :)

Can you still sell your soul with the card or is that locked out?

You can’t sell your soul with a Peculiar Personal Enhancement, no, and telling the devil about it loses you 1CP of the Enhancement quality. Here is the echo!
edited by Barse on 7/3/2018

That’s a pity. I wish to keep my enhancement for roleplay reasons (and as a way to switch back to my Rubbery love should I desire a bit of experimentation in the future) but I would like to be able to sell my soul for that bounty.

Thanks for the echo even if it’s a bit vague for me. Probably the recent fall from the game or there’s more to it.