What perfect timing!

Well, as I believe I said before, I didn’t want to do the railway before my ambition was done.

With nothing to do but wait a day for my final reward, I’ll go into the Feast of the Rose ready to come out the other side with a train ticket and a set of rails to build!

Talk about fortuitous!

This was a long grind for me that could have been quicker had I not meandered, but now that I’ve finished all of the larger midgame stories I’m excited to experience the Feast and then the railway for myself!


Glad to hear it, buddy! May you have much joy of it!

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Congratulations! This is kind of wild to me bc I’ve just begun the railway as well but have no hope of completing my ambition anytime soon T_T


One of my characters has completed the entire railway but has not even started an ambition.

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@vinish obviously one of the nice things about this game is how flexible pathing is, but early ambition challenges are intentionally doable pre-POSI, and railway content often has extra options or flavor text if you already have a treasure! So personally I wasn’t interested in starting the railway plot until I could experience some of those options. (Especially putting up a statue of Mr. Cards, which is to say, Me at Station VII)