What keeps you coming back to Fallen London?

I discovered Failbetter in reverse, I saw Sunless Sea on Steam one day, grabbed it, and have been utterly addicted to it. But I can’t really seem to get into Fallen London. I feel like there’s something I’m missing. I feel like there’s a story waiting for me to sink my Teeth into that I’m glossing over?

What I enjoy about Fallen London personally is how the story develops, and the longer you play, the more enthralled in London your character becomes. And the quality of the writing is superb.

It takes time for the stories to unfold but the more you play and the more you learn the more you want to know :)

I did the same thing, found my way into Fallen London via Sunless and then spent a few months working my way around Fallen London, I’ve now got a person of some importance and done a few other things, but my interest has fallen off of late, I’m still interested in Sunless to be sure, but I spent a few months doing not very much on Fallen and can’t seem to get back in to it. One problem appears to be that I’ve got the character to the point where almost everything else is fate locked, and while I’ll pay once for a game and play it till I’ve done, I’ve never gone for the continuing to pay model of gaming, and I think this might be something to do with it…

Most of the Fate-locked content is in the same vein as the free content - complete it once and you’re done. You might end up with an extra thing or two, but for the most part staying interested after completing all the content involves keeping yourself busy with a personal goal of some sort.

Occasionally I might stop playing the game for lengthy periods, but I always come back because its free and I have already invested quite a lot into my characters. I love the world and the setting and look forward to continuing the various stories that have yet to be finished.

I played fallen london long time ago when medias (jayisgames in exact) feature it. Weird stories make me curious and the promises that it come in snippets instead lengthy novel makes me try it. The problem is progress at beginning is fast and I have the time to keep munching story to story without thinking of it. Which in result, makes me overwhelmed by mysteries and confusion. So, like being exposed to correspondence, it burned me and I drop off fallen london for awhile.

Until it implemend the second candle thing and called the players… What I was remember is that fallen london is unique, delicious, and foreboding… so I come back, confused beause I don’t remember where I end and confused of the pacing because it is a lot slower than before (more likely because I advanced…) and ended hoping left and right trying storylet to storylet, then quit again.

This is third time, I played like five times a day and I make sure I only follow up a few stories. Having PoSI helps because it is time when stories progress quiet long… I absorbed stories individually, every time I finish them I replay them in my head, it helps with understanding… not understanding the bewildered strange nature of neath but the sweet and bitter taste of its events. I even purchase some nex for the first time.

I’m still can’t understand the story. Many hidden meanings are hidden with text-riddles and that probably one thing that give me difficulty to understand… Maybe because I wasn’t understand of the terms. And I wasn’t involved with the masters talk in twitter, even though I play since the era when you have to login to twitter to play fallen london.

My advice? Play it slow, one story by one story… absorb… roleplay…

I don’t know what to say. I’m part of the Neath since some years now, and I feel like my character lived a wonderful story, like I’ve felt very intense emotions and feelings when I played.

Some months ago, I tried creating an alt, just to start the game from the beginning. And… I didn’t like it at all. I felt lost, bored and the writing and stories didn’t seem as much magical as they did before.

So here is my answer : it’s curiosity and pleasure altogether that keep me coming back to this game. I want to discover new parts of the Neathy world, new secrets, new delicious stories with very good writing.
edited by Emain Ablach on 3/24/2015

Sunk cost fallacy.

LoL! ;)