What is with the torment destiny?

So, I was looking at the profile of a certain rat-obsessed member of this forum, and I noticed his destiny. It was called Torment and it gives -3 to all stats. Just… Why? Why is this a thing? Why would anyone get that destiny? Why would failbetter even put such a destiny in? Is there something that I’m missing here?

If this is not just an incredibly bad destiny and is actually useful for something (I have learned things that seem useless can actually be very helpful) please tell me.
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RPing a underdog maybe? Would fit.[li]

It was part of the Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name quest which is currently retired. It’s an intentionally dangerous and destructive storyline and not something you could get by accident. It can be good fun to take on extra challenge and adversity. Think of it like playing a game on expert mode, it’s something you might do to be hardcore.

It did have a benefit though. Of the seven possible ways to get St Destin’s Candle, giving up your destiny for Torment was the easiest and also first way.
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Some questions should not be asked. Some people are doomed to suffer for their curiosity.
It will end horribly.

To smash the system, you must first smash yourself.

If you must get torment for SMEN, does this make it a reliable way to tell if one has begun seeking? So I could say that because Rysiek and NiteBrite do not have torment, they are not seeking the name?

Imagine how horrible it would be for a new player to have torment. By new player, I mean as soon as they get out of prison. Would be hard to move up in the world with all stats at two! It would also would make it slightly more annoying to do anything once you really got started.

Also, I see the person I noticed torment on has arrived!

Torment isn’t required to begin seeking, or even required at all if you use one of the alternative ways to get that candle. It’s also a deliberate Destiny choice, and you’re never forced to pick it.


Okay then. Good to know it’s completely avoidable.

If you think that sounds hard, try playing from the start with the &quotmy friend, the Talkative Rattus Faber&quot option.

Does anyone know any “stunt runs” like that in Fallen London or Sunless Sea? Seems like they would take even more patience and masochism than they do in other games.

unlike other stunt runs of, say, platformers, it would be quite the bore at the start. For example, the Faber run. It sounds like the kind of thing that one does with an alt, Seeing as it would take a ridiculously long time to get anywhere, you have no pet slot, and training professions can raise you up to 45.