What is this thing? [picture]

On the right hand side of the image. it looks like a massive hole is broken into the ground, and something’s underneath it.

what the heck is that supposed to be?

The Bazaar. Well, part of it.

isn’t the bazaar to the southwest of there, and across the river? it’s visible if you sail west
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The Bazaar has… well, you might call them sub-basements, or you might more accurately call then tendrils. They extend through the bowels of the city, and are occasionally visible at street level.

I think that part of the Bazaar that you can see above ground (with the spires) is just the tip of the iceberg…
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For some reason, I always assumed that The Bazaar was a non-physical entity - kinda like how people refer to the spirit of a city or something.
But the idea that The Bazaar is like some kind of cosmic horror as a burrowed mass beneath London… that definitely puts a new spin on my understanding of things!

(Although, now I also imagine it having a city pulled from the surface down on top of itself in the same way one dons fashionable headwear. Then occasionally The Bazaar is like “No, that won’t do at all. I need something that makes me look good in order to impress. Masters! Find me a new hat!”) :-p

You’re actually fairly close to a truth there, give or take a cosmic horror.

[quote=The Midnight Road]
You’re actually fairly close to a truth there, give or take a cosmic horror.
(I would ask for specifics but I’m rather enjoying gradually putting the pieces together as I play Fallen London + Sunless Sea, instead.)
But I just wanted you to know that your reply has made my morning. :3

So we are just Phosphorescent Scarabs trapped in the Bazaar’s Sporing Bonnet?

I am a little surprised no-one has remarked on the true horror of what part of the bazaar exactly we could be viewing! That picture may in all possibility be quite shockingly salacious! :eek: