What is there for a POS, levels 140-180 to do?

[li]I’m a POS, I have 5 points of notability, I own an orphanage, in the best club and I can’t find any new, challenging storylines? Am I missing something? Any ideas?

At this point, you’re more or less setting goals for yourself. Have you chosen a POSI specialty? That will mean capping one of your stats and spending those 5 notability, along with having the requisite piece of equipment. That will unlock the option to become a patron, which is a nice way to give a leg up to newer players.

There’s also improving certain qualities, such as Scholar of the Correspondence, which requires a lot of supplies, and building up a Watchful set of equipment.

Speaking of which, there’s always the Overgoat. I’m aiming to get one of those myself.

I had the same problem for a while, but there are still a lot of ways to enjoy the game.

Special events/holidays are fun, especially if you’re a player with high levels and plenty of resources. I don’t know when the next one is, though.

Fate-locked stories: though they aren’t free, they’re a great way to open more stories.

Have you completely explored the zee? Even if you’ve visited every island, leaving London can break the monotony.

Check the forums: as a newer player, I didn’t know about things like the Temple Club. This isn’t a ton of content, but it’s worth exploring. The forums also introduce you to other players with whom you can interact, which makes the game more varied and entertaining in my opinion.

Finally, there’s the role-playing aspect. My character couldn’t be content with a notability of 5 or without the most exclusive lodgings! The bargain ship she began with had to go. As a lover of animals and scandal, she has accumulated a dozen companions and a memento of poison (I meant passion but poison works too). But her roots are quite modest, so despite an apparently lavish lifestyle, she spends significant time accumulating money down by the docks or in Spite.

And there’s always the Overgoat or M____ B____ or the cider.
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