What is The Liberation of Night?

I’ve seen it show up in various places while playing - mostly referring to Revolutionaries and Luminosity items.
But I don’t really understand what The Liberation Of Night is all about.
Can someone enlighten me? (no pun intended.)

PS:- I’ve also added a poll - because I’m curious about whether people think it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But mainly I just want to know what it is, so your comments are what I’m looking for.

As is often the case, our dear Spacemarine has a succinct explanation on his excellent blog:

The Liberation of Night is a codeword for the Calender Counsel’s big plot. You can find out more about it in the Destinies if you go along the associated route.

The Anarchists wish to end all light in the universe and free everyone from every law the Judgements impose upon us. The Judgements are stars, so as you might imagine this plan is extremely crazy.

Thankyou! This explains why various players I’ve spoken with are hesitant to do anything which would contribute towards this…

Extremely crazy, sure. But what if it works?

At Hallowmas you can glimpse what will happen if it works. (Anarchy.)

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If it works then humanity just imposed its desires on the entire universe without even stopping to think of how it’ll affect trillions of individuals living in said universe. It’s rather selfish, really.

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I find it chilling that someone actually voted ‘Good thing’ on that poll… looks around shiftily There is an anarchist amongst us!

[quote=Sara Hysaro]If it works then humanity just imposed its desires on the entire universe without even stopping to think of how it’ll affect trillions of individuals living in said universe. It’s rather selfish, really.

Not humanity, just a very small group composed of Fabulous Woman Feburary (jerk) and Overcharging April (jerk) and the Nadir-seeking duo (tremendous jerks) and so on.

Very true. Though I doubt the rest of the universe will view it that way if this group has its way. Those jerks will likely be seen as representatives of our species, and we’ll be lucky to be given a chance to prove that we as a whole were not responsible.

If it works on that grand a scale, well, concepts like &quotspecies&quot or &quotdesires&quot or &quotindividuals&quot or &quotresponsible&quot might dissolve entirely. Everything could be entirely different in every way. The Council could be banking on the old &quotwe can’t get in trouble for this if the entities responsible for deciding who’s in trouble, and the very rule systems they use to apply this certification, cease to meaningfully exist&quot card.

I’m mostly imagining a bunch of vigilante extraterrestrials coming after us for ruining their way of life. No laws or official systems, just complete genocide by vengeful aliens who managed to figure out what it was that did it. Whether that can happen or not depends on just how much the complete annihilation of laws affects the regular entities in this universe. Humans seemed relatively fine in the Destinies, though I haven’t seen the Sunless Sea content so it might be more significant than I realize.

I am not too sure. In the Gleam ending it seems like the anarchists are murdering the survivors you lead into the city to search.

Honestly, I wonder if the Liberation was anything like they hoped it would be in those destinies. It seems like life goes on as normal, except in the dark, without the Bazaar, and with heavily-armed militias running around murderin’ folks. Nothing like the reality-warping even of the Iron Republic, let alone the complete dissolution of all natural law.

Yes, but the end of light in the neath is just a proof of concept. Possibly not even the whole of the neath - we only know from the destinies that London is dark, the rest of the neath might be fine. It’s still a far cry from the revolutionary endgame - the end of light and law. At the very least the liberation should make the universe as lawless as the neath.

yo what’s up

A good question. Not a wise one.

Suspicion is increasing…

IC, absolutely not. OOC, a thousand times ‘yes’.

The surface is a place of chains and laws. It is only upon entering the Neath that one can be freed from the empty facade imposed upon those fools above. The Night is already here; who are we to deny it Liberation?
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Thankyou for all the answers! It was a fascinating read.
Also, thankyou to Lady Taimi Felix for the link - along with the comments here, this all makes much more sense now.

A good question. Not a wise one.
Suspicion is increasing…[/quote]
^ That reply, it made my night. :D

In Sunless Sea you can get an Unclear Device to use in combat.

This, unfortunately, is not as cool as it sounds. To be consistent with the Fallen London lore you would think it should do something like raise Supremacy: Anarchists dramatically or trigger some anarchist-related storylet at least.