What is the best connected pet?

Which connected pet is currently best?

I’ve read in the past that the grubby kitten was popular as a good source of echoes, but now that favors are being introduced I wonder if the taciturn mynah’s dock favors would be better for expedition supplies.

Any favour pets are pretty good, if you want supplies get the docks pet, if you want renown for a specific faction it’s worth switching connected pets, based on what faction will be the most profitable one we will see what pet will be the best for money.

At the moment I feel like it’s either the Taciturn Mynah (Docks) or the Grubby Kitten (Urchins). There are a lot of uses for Docks favours right now. They trade for a good amount of glim, and are by far the best method of aquiring expedition supplies. If you can get to Dreaded 10, the Grubby Kitten becomes a good source for Tales of Terror, which have a lot of uses once stock piled. The Fidgetting Writer, up conversion for Making Waves, side conversion into a variety of items.

That said, the best pet to have seems to be the one you want to collect favours for. So as more connected qualities get flipped to the new system we’ll see which favours become the most sought after.

The Bandaged Raven is also nice since it provides a Favour: Tomb-Colonies, which can be traded (with a Collection of Curiosities) on the Tomb-Colonies faction card for a nice profit.

The Mole is the cutest ^_^

The Preening Macaw, apart from being utterly precious, also helps you Make Waves if you’re Bizarre enough to show it off, which is a nice boon.[li]