what is notability used for? (list)

I wanted to make a list of its general uses, so if you know more put them below! For now i know:

-getting high tier professions
-earning k&c prize tokens
-become PoSI 2
-raising a stat to 215
-better win rate on unsigned letter surprise package
-getting Masters’ Blood
-getting Favourable Circumstances
-getting 5-card lodgings
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I will try to edit this with other uses, having a &quotguide&quot like this is always useful


  • Getting Masters’ Blood
  • Getting Favourable Circumstances
  • Getting 5-card lodgings the cheap way during Christmas

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And the 5 card lodging year round, I believe? Part of why it’s “cheap” is they don’t cost as much Notability.

Showing it off to inspire jealousy.

Bringing this thread back if you don’t mind.
Is there an updated list of this somewhere already? If not, could someone provide one?

I’m wondering if I need to go through the weekly trouble of maintaining my MW to retain my 7x Notability. I’ve already upgraded to all the five card lodgings a long time ago and I’ve started the railway venture (the only reason I upped the Notability again last year).

Other than Favourable Circumstances (FC), is there a way to &quotinvest&quot my Notability in something worthwhile and/or lasting? (I actually already have FC but I’m considering using it up so I can get another one with my Notability.)

The stat raise with Notability isn’t possible anymore is it - all 4 stats have other means of upping them by now right? (Lab, Parabola, the Upper River I think which I haven’t been to yet - making Railway Steel is sooo slow-going… ^_^ )

Thanks in advance for any info!

You get FC weekly with time the healer now, I think, so you don’t have to stockpile it with notability.

I believe if you’re paramount presence you can still increase all four stats with notability together. It’s not that useful though, because the stat caps are raiseable in other ways.

The Paramount Presence option to spend all your Notability to set all stats to 200+Notability is still the only way to get Shadowy and Dangerous to 215.

When I was raising Notability for PP, I regularly referred to this, though its main use was to optimise the old PP route:


Just got PP a few days ago. i still plan to keep Notability around 7 in order to make sure I get surprise packages via card in stead of just visions. I’m still looking forward to get hands on a Blemmingan Secretary just for bragging reasons.
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