What is forgotten?

Greetings, fellow Londoners.
Day 9: At your window.
Accept the Name.
What is forgotten?
Is it a Question? Does it mean we have four Questions now? Could someone except the writers really answer this? Am I being too cryptic for no reason at all?
Please, discuss

What is Forgotten is the Quality Level Description for choosing Grieve as your question - that option on today’s Sacks card seems to change/set your question to Grieve.

D__n. And I got excited like a leper puppy who got its hands on a flamethrower. Oh well. Thank you Barselaar, for answering.

There’s a simile you don’t see everyday :P


There’s a simile you don’t see everyday :P[/quote]
Oh. Right. Paws. Paws on a flamethrower.
What a dreadful mistake. Thank you for oh so subtly pointing out, I am in your debt. Look up Desole Terrek if you need something.

EDIT: Oh, it’s your character’s name! For a moment there, I thought you were replying to me with random gibberish. It’s actually much funnier now :P
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