What Happens with Level 8?

[li]I was curious as to what happens when you get 8 wounds and 8 nightmares? Do you die? Do you go insane? I’m quite curious but I really try to avoid finding out personally.

Hitting 8 in any of the four main menaces - wounds, nightmares, scandal and suspicion - sends you to another area where you have to reduce them to 0 to return to Fallen London. I would say that they are worth visiting at least once but be careful with suspicion as that is one that can have permanent consequences in London itself.

Tip - if you hit 8 and don’t want to go to the menace area don’t hit the onwards or story tab but go to your myself page and use Tincture of Vigour, Laudanum or Absolution Solution (or one of the other items that reduces menace) or when you are getting close use the options at your lodgings or elsewhere in London to reduce them.

Does anyone else feel Suspicion has gotten out of control? The punishments just feel disproportionate, to me at least. ESPECIALLY because Absolution Solution stops working after a while.

It’s definitely easier to deal with when the ablution still works. The best way to deal with it is to not get it. Any points you still get can cured with the social action and cards.

I do struggle with Suspicion. Wounds can be ground down to nothing; Scandal and Nightmare cures are abundant. But Suspicion just lingers and lingers. Makes it jolly hard to advance Mid-level Shadowy.

Yeah the Ablution removes a really large amount of suspicion even if you’re POSI (I think I had it drop me to five from eight before, but that was pre-POSI) so I’ve been using that consistantly to not get sent to prison ever.

Now this makes me wonder. What happens if you hit at the same time 8 in two menaces? The one with more CP’s win? And what if they have the exact same amount?

No, some menace areas come before others. I’ve forgotten which are first.

:O Interesting!


This may be helpful to some curious people.