What happened to Parliament?

A set of abstractly connected thoughts occurred to me today: &quotRevolutionaries think that London was stolen&quot -> &quotThat’s not quite correct, as it was exchanged by the monarch, who sort of owned it.&quot -> &quotThat’s not very democratic.&quot -> &quotHey, what happened to Parliament?&quot

So, is there any canon information on what happened to the democratically (well, for the 1800s) elected government of the empire with the Fall? I imagine they now run the kingdom on the Surface from Birmingham or something, but it would be interesting to know what caused the House of Chimes to develop its characteristic lean.

The parliament is in neath, we know one of the mp is a seeker of mr eatens name but not much more.


Allegedly, the members of Parliament became infected with the search for the Name. Or they were actually eaten by bats. Perhaps both. It’s a tad unclear.

As for the House of Chimes, it suffered a rocky drop to the Neath. Its structural foundation was somewhat damaged. Despite the fact that it’s sunken halfway into the Stolen River, many say it looks more enchanting than ever!

Possibly the sitting members of Parliament were eaten by bats, then we elected new members for the Commons while many, many Peers came into their inheritance a little earlier than expected and then everyone got a bit obsessed with Nomenclature?

Prospective professors in the study of the Correspondence have had the opportunity to justify to MPs that the study of the Correspondence is (reasonably) safe. The better ones will intrigue the MPs. Those less fortunate have a habit of setting them on fire.

Excellent point, Zmflavius, I had completely forgotten that part. It was so long ago in my university career…

There’s also the Northbound Parliamentarian.

Haha, indeed, Twoflower! I drew that card several times in the last few days and realised I’d been a blind idiot.

There’s a card for an MP as well.