What FL stats would you like to know?

If you had access to FB’s SQL server (or whatever they’re using to track everything), what would you like to know?

3 questions come to mind for me:

  1. What % of stat capped players have a SMEN of 7? I wonder how many people have heeded the warnings, and how many have that obsessive need to know . . . .

  2. The % breakdown of Ambition choice. Anecdotally it seems like Heart’s Desire is the most pursued.

  3. Average # of turns played per day. Especially now that the limit is 144, I wonder how diligent people generally are.

Anyone else?
edited by BaronElectric on 6/7/2012

Character gender breakdown might be interesting. The none-of-yer-business option gets a lot of attention in reviews (and I think it’s great that it’s there), but I have no idea how commonly that is actually picked.

I’d love to know about the relative popularity of the ambitions. It would also be interesting to know who’d made which choices in those stories that record them - Unionists/Neddies, Shepherds/Merchants, Admirers of Art/Beauty/Both/Neither…

Finder of Heiress - Smash or Leave?
House of Chimes - Entry Options
Rubbery Murders - Who is accused + Reasons for accusing
Theological Husbandry / Meeting on the Embankment - Decisions about SPOILER
Cheesemonger Storyline - Decisions about Alice
University - Provost or the Consumptive C-something
Foreign Office - Face / Teeth

Weird stuffs
Total amount of money spent at Bazaar
Total amount of money earned at Bazaar
Amount of players that never made it out of New Newgate

Ooh, just realized another one (since I’m in my 4th or 5th day of grinding Shadowy at Mahongany Hall): How many weasels in total have been popped?