What Exactly Do The Masters Look Like?

So I’m not 100% across the story of the Masters, and I’ve been wondering: we know they’re space bats, right. That much is known. Fuzzy, friendly space bats. We also get descriptions of space bats - like, bats made of space. All filled with twinkly stars. And we also also get mentions of them being all covered with eyes like some sort of Biblical angel - and their stockings have eyeholes so they can see with their feet and also they wear hats on their hands because they have faces there? So my question is - is all of the above true? I don’t doubt it’s possible - an eye, after all, can also be a star. That wouldn’t cause me a moment’s hesitation. And an eyefield of spacebat can be a fuzzy friend. But there may be further information I’m missing!

We see other Curators in Sunless Skies, and they resemble slightly elongated bats more than anything else. It can also be confirmed that Mr. Pennies is not made of space, although you can’t really see enough of it to be sure on the rest.

We can be fairly confident that at least one of them posses wings and nasty teeth and claws.

Judging from the Empress’ Shadow though, somehow they retain enough humanity to even be sexually attractive, which messes with my head a bit.
Please, nobody reference Batman.

Jolanda, I think you’ll find that quite a few see appeal in a lack of humanity ;)

I think it’s less that the Curators/Masters are “bats made of space” and more that they are bats that live in space and are camouflaged accordingly. That is… They probably have pelts that are primarily black or dark in color with white or colored flecks in them (think a reverse ermine cloak) that mimics how the sky looks in outer space. Given that this is the Fallen London universe, I can easily see the flecks actually glowing to mimic how stars give off light.

Convenient timing; now we have an answer:

And the insinuation you might want to…
be more than friends.
I am scared.

[quote=Jolanda Swan]And the insinuation you might want to…
be more than friends.
I am scared.[/quote]

mr hearts is pretty flirty in fallen london, it’s only fair that remains across games

Sometimes a family is a giant spacebat, a monster-catcher, and their menagerie.

[quote=Jolanda Swan]And the insinuation you might want to…
be more than friends.
I am scared. [/quote]
[color=#c2c2c2]Cowardice of the highest order. I will give him extra snuggles to make up for this injustice.[/color]

Bats are very soft and silky. So masters probably are, too, right? Veils Velvet and all, they seem soft.

They look like Wings-Of-Thunder batlings, but bigger.