What does each Tier 2 POSI do?

I’m not talking about certain things that are restricted only to Tier 2 POSI, but what does each one get you? I’ve seen that if you’re a Legendary Charisma, you can seduce the Amanuensis for some making waves, but I don’t think that I’ve seen anything special for being an Extraordinary Mind, a Shattering Force, or an Invisible Eminence.

the watchful boost from Extraordinary Mind is necessary for Courier’s Footprint, I believe. don’t know about the other two.

An Ubergoat can also give you a sufficient boost to achieve Courier’s Footprint. I only had to boost my watchful to 209 when I did it with just an Overgoat. If you aren’t a Correspondent you might come up a but short but since you can’t currently drop POSI specializations switching professions and switching back is probably an easier option.

Apart from that one Legendary Charisma option on the Amanuensis I’m not aware of anything specific to the individual POSI specializations. All of them do let you adopt another player as a protege which opens up a social action that gives them a substantial boost to the associated stat and gives you a chunk of making waves at the cost of a free evening.

You have a Watchful Destiny, which helps out. Madison has an Ubergoat but can’t get her Watchful high enough - she’s 5 points short.

Right. Forgot about that one. Good catch.

I think you can get it missing one of a profession, POSI specialization, profession, or destiny. Possibly more, depending.

(Mood+Goat+Smock+Glove+ratwork watch is +86 watchful, which everyone should be able to get… eventually.)
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A Legendary Charisma can also become extra intimate with Lilac.